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We will send a personalized certificate for you to give, along with our full color printed Gallery page and information on how to contact us to make their selection.

When purchasing a Gift Certificate you will need to contact us by email with the full details of the gift and need by date. Any unused value will be refunded by check and any balance due will be collected at the time the final choice is made.
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Full Page Photo Gift Cards of the one you select will be mailed out in 2-3 Days, when your time is limited for your Gift or when you want to see how a design will look!
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You can now send a free personalized OnlineGift Announcement with any order from The Exotic Wood Pepper Mill Gallery. Similar to an online greeting card, your OnlineGift Announcement allows you to send a personalized message to your gift recipient. If youíre sending a last minute gift, an OnlineGift Announcement is a great way to let them know their gift is on its way. You can schedule when you want the OnlineGift Announcement to be emailed and itís absolutely free!    

To send a Free OnlineGift Announcement:
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