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Printable Detailed Disassembly and Maintenance Instructions
For Our Chef Specialties Pepper Mill Mechanisms

Grinding peppercorns works best when they are driest. Depending on your climate, how often you use your peppermill and the kind of peppercorns you use, as they sit in the peppermill peppercorns may absorb moisture from the air and become soft and possibly moldy. When this occurs they may get stuck in the mechanism. At this point it will be necessary to do a simple maintenance procedure, disassembling the peppermill and cleaning the mechanism. To accomplish this carefully perform the following steps taking note of how it comes apart so that it can be put back the same way.

 1.   Remove the silver screw-on top and the wood top, setting both aside where they
       won't roll or become damaged.
 2.   Empty the peppercorns into a container and examine them. Discard or try drying
       them out in a microwave or toaster oven.
 3.   Turn the peppermill body upside down and with a #1 Phillips head screwdriver
       gently remove the two screws holding the metal plate and remove the plate.
 4.   The male portion of the mechanism and the shaft with spring should slide out of
       the bottom. The female part of the mechanism should remain inside of the
       peppermill body but it is possible that it and the retaining clip may come out as
       well. If so no problem.
 5.   Use a toothpick or small toothbrush to clean the channels on both parts of the
       grinding mechanism.
 6.   If desired, use alcohol to clean and disinfect mechanism and wipe out interior of
       the hole in the bottom of the peppermill, being careful to let both dry completely
       before reassembly.
 7.   If the retaining clip and female portion of the mechanism came out during
       disassembly, place the retaining clip back into the peppermill body being sure to
       line it up with the screw holes.
 8.   Place the female portion of the mechanism back into the peppermill body, being
      sure you can read the words "stainless steel" and with the indention's on the
      mechanism part lined up with the retaining clip.
 9.  If the spring and the male portion of the mechanism were removed from the shaft,
      place the male portion of the grinder back on the shaft with the flat side down and
      place the spring back on the shaft with the big end of the spring up. Slip both back
      into the peppermill, through the female part and retaining clip.
 10. Position the metal plate back over the screw holes and gently screw the Phillips
      head screws back into position. Special Note: Since we have metal screws
      against wood it is possible for the screw to strip out the wood and keep turning. If
      this occurs remove the screw and place a drop of Elmer's glue on the screw and
      tighten the screw just until it looks like it has bottomed out. When the glue dries
      the screw shouldn't go anywhere.
 11. Refill the peppermill with fresh dry peppercorns, replace the wooden top and the
      silver screw-on top to the setting you enjoy. To prevent future problems, it is a
      good idea to turn your peppermill upside down once in a while and shake the
      peppercorns free in case they have become packed too tightly and also when
      changing to a fine grind setting.  

Enjoy Your Fresh Ground Pepper once again!
Contrary to what you see Sara Moulton doing with her pepper mills on TV, no pepper mill finish will withstand being placed too close to a heat source. Our recommendation is to keep your pepper mill far enough away from your cooking surface so it won't get too hot, and never store it over the back of your cooking space.
Our Refinishing Service Plan
Continuing our Customer Service!
Sometimes accidents happen and your Pepper Mill may have become damaged. If you find you need to return your mill to us for refinishing, please contact us first.
You can then use this Buy Now Button.
Purchase Our Refinishing Service Online
Our service plan covers sanding away any damage and refinishing with lacquer and our outstanding hand rubbed polishing. We will also clean and replace if needed any mechanism parts and return it to you just like it was brand new. The return shipping is included, so all you need to do is contact us first, Package it well protected and ship it to us insured. We will take care of all the rest.

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Copyright © 1999-2015, www.ExoticWoodPeppermills.com and B&JTR Enterprises All Rights Reserved.