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Flavorbank and Gourmet Peppercorns - Sells the Highest Quality Pepper and Spices Worldwide

From the Finest Peppers available from India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Indonesia.
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Tellicherry Black Pepper                 2.2 oz. Package
Recognized as the finest quality pepper in the world. Tellicherry peppercorns are the largest and most aromatic of the peppers. Prized by gourmets for the superior bouquet and rich flavor. Perfect for any dish, especially recommended for beef.
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Malabar Black Pepper (Now Available)    2.2 oz. Package
Malabar pepper is grown on the Malabar coast of India, and has a higly aromatic full bodied flavor . A bold, rich fragrance with a hint of pine. A biting heat that builds and carries pleasantly at the back of the palate. Recommended for entrees of Pork.
Szechuan Pepper (Now Available)    2.3 oz. Package
A spicy pepper pod which can be added whole or crushed to any dish for that extra zesty, spicy, menthol taste. For best results dry-roast in a skillet prior to using.
Lampong Black Pepper                   2.3 oz. Package
The primary black pepper from Indonesia, grown on the isle of Sumatra. Moderate heat with a woody quality. Mildly pungent and aromatic. Recommended for entrees of Veal or Seafood.
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Muntok White Pepper                       2.7 oz. Package
Rich and sophisticated. The insides of the black peppercorn, slightly musty with superior flavor. Recommended for Veal or Seafood, or any dish that you do not want black pepper to show.
Pepper Royale                                  2.3 oz. Package
A melange of the worlds most exceptional peppercorns (Lampong Black, Muntok White, Brazilian Green and Madagascarian Pink peppercorns). Blended to create the aristocracy of taste. A confetti of color and flavor. Recommended for Everything.
Pepper Rosé  *                                  1.2 oz. Package
Mild and sweet with a light tangy flavor. Recommended for Veal and Specialty Foods. A must for the fabulous "Pink Peppercorn Sauce"    
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Brazilian Green Pepper                   1.1 oz. Package
Actually the black peppercorn harvested early to produce a light and spicy flavor with a fruity sharpness. Recommended for use in herb butter, spreads and sauces for Chicken or Seafood.
Lemon Pepper                                   2.6 oz. Package
Black and White Peppercorns with lemon peel granules for that special zesty flavor that will wake up any palate. Recommended for dishes needing a touch of citrus, wonderful on Seafood and Salads.
Whole Garlic Pepper                        2.7 oz. Package
Lampong black and white peppercorns with chopped garlic added for that pungent flavor that is healthy and delicious, from India, Indonesia. A garlic lover's dream, recommended for all entrees, especially Italian. Wonderful on baked potatoes and for sauteing vegetables.
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Pot Peppourri                                      2.3 oz. Package
Black and white peppercorns with red and green jalapenos and garlic for the home chef who likes a little heat and a whole lot of character. Wonderful in chili and for making peppercorn steak and salsa.
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Whole Onion Pepper                          2.7 oz. Package
Lampong black and chopped onion for all the "Onion Lovers" out there. Use wherever you enjoy the taste and aroma of onion and pepper together, on Chicken, Beef, Salads, Soups and even Pizza.
Gourmet Peppercorn Gift Set           4.7 oz. Package
Sampler Pack, includes Tellicherry (1.0 oz), Pepper Royale (.9 oz), Garlic Pepper (1.0 oz), and Coarse Sea Salt (1.9 oz).  
Coarse Sea Salt Crystals                4.7 oz. Package
Sun purified, all natural sea salt. Acclaimed by chefs as being as essential to fine food as freshly ground pepper.
Sassy Sea Salt Seasoning              3.6 oz. Package
Sun purified, natural salt with garlic, onions, jalapeno chilies and lemon peel for a feisty mingling of savory flavors that will excite your palate.
Kosher Pure Sea Salt                         4.6 oz. Package
Freshly ground, feathered and free of additives that could make your liquids, juices or soups cloudy. Preferred by connoisseurs for its purity and flavor.  

#900    6 Pack Sampler of Peppercorns and Salt  -  Total 16.5 oz.

A Perfect Collection of Gourmet Peppercorns for use in any Gourmet dish.

Tellicherry Black 2.2 oz., Lampong Black 2.3 oz., Pepper Royale 2.3 oz., Whole Garlic Pepper 2.7 oz., Pot Peppourri 2.3 oz., Coarse Sea Salt 4.7 oz.

#901    6 Pack Sampler of Fine Peppercorns   -  Total 11.2 oz.

A Perfect Collection of Gourmet Peppercorns for use in any Gourmet dish.

Lampong 2.3 oz., Szechuan 1.4 oz., Muntok White 2.7 oz., Pepper Rose 1.2 oz., Brazilian Green 1.1 oz., Lemon Pepper 2.6 oz.

#902    6 Pack Sampler of Peppercorns and Crystals  -  Total 15.9 oz.

A Perfect Collection of Gourmet Pepper and Crystals for any Gourmet dish.

Whole Onion 2.7 oz., Black and White Pepper 2.4 oz., Joe's Special Blend 2.2 oz., Muntok White 2.7 oz., Perky Pepper 2.3 oz., Sassy Sea Salt 3.6 oz.

Enjoy A Short Story About The Peppercorns We Offer!
Brought to you compliments of FLAVORBANK and Gourmetpeppercorns.com
Flavorbank Products are Kosher Certified ~ Star-K !

     Steeped in tradition — a product so integral to the evolution of world trade and culture that it was used as currency in place of gold for 2000 years — the peppercorn is aptly crowned “The King of Spices.” Today, the historical spice that drove man to explore the globe continues to outsell all other spices. Unfortunately, the market is full of mediocre quality goods.

     Several factors can determine a peppercorn's flavor and taste. The type of plant, farming conditions, harvesting techniques or even the shipping methods can dramatically alter its characteristics. Flavorbank locates the very best growers worldwide and imposes strict quality control testing to ensure fresh, potent, and full-flavored products.

     Flavorbank's wide variety of peppercorns and pepper blends appeal to a variety of tastes and preferences. We know that freshly ground pepper is the only way to achieve the wonderful taste, distinctive aroma, and full depth of flavor that pepper can deliver. This appreciation explains why Flavorbank's fine quality peppercorns have been used and enjoyed by award-winning chefs and everyday cooks alike for over 30 years.

     Professional chefs identify salt as the single most important ingredient in their kitchen. Not only is salt life-sustaining, but how zestless would our lives be without the flavor enhancing effects of salt? Flavorbank's line of sea salts range from the Brittany coast of France to the red clay of Hawaii — each with their own distinctive flavors and characteristics. Our salts contain no additives, just great tasting, all natural, gourmet salt that greatly enhances the flavor of foods.

     Freshly ground spices will draw out more flavor from food than pre-ground spices. Pre-ground spices lose their flavor and intensity over a relatively short period of time. Your flavor experience starts to diminish the moment they are ground. Freshly ground pepper is the only way to achieve the wonderful taste, distinctive aroma, and full depth of flavor that pepper can deliver.

Please Note: Exciting News! Gourmet Peppercorns is in the process of upgrading our supply from Flavorbank products to include our own Gourmet Peppercorn Brand. If the Flavorbank products are not available we will ship our own brand.

Superior Products
Through diligent research and quality assurance, Flavorbank locates the very best growers worldwide and uses only the richest and purest spices available.
Superior Knowledge
Flavorbank makes it a point to educate the consumer. Each label contains product origin, the characteristics and suggestions for usage.
Competitive Pricing
On a superior product and customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Product may be returned for a credit, replacement or refund.
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