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A Gourmet Guide to Peppercorns  

Flavorbank brings you the finest peppercorns from around the world. We have compiled a detailed list of our most popular peppercorns, where they're from and how best to use them. Each is made to be ground fresh in your mill for optimum flavor. Enjoy!

TELLICHERRY BLACK PEPPERCORNS                                N.W. INDIA
Acclaimed as the world's finest black peppercorn. Prized by gourmets for the superior bouquet, rich flavor and handsome berries. Very bold, pungent aroma. Recommended for BEEF.    
MALABAR BLACK PEPPERCORNS                                     S.W. INDIA
Bold, rich fragrance with a hint of pine. A biting heat that builds and carries pleasantly at the back of the palate. Highly aromatic with full-bodied flavor. Recommended for PORK.    
Fresh, friendly aroma with hickory, fruit and pine characteristics and a slight musty essence. Relatively mild with a fruity bouquet. Won't overwhelm delicate LAMB or CHICKEN.    
The primary black pepper from Indonesia, grown on the isle of Sumatra. Moderate heat with a woody quality. Mildly pungent & aromatic. Recommended for entrees of VEAL or SEAFOOD.
Rich and sophisticated. The "insides" of the ripe peppercorn, Slightly musty with superior flavor. Recommended for entrees of veal or seafood, or any dish where you'd rather not have the appearance of black pepper. ALL ENTREES.    

PEPPER ROYALE                                             INDIA, BRAZIL, MADAGASCAR
A melange of the world's most exceptional peppercorns, blended to create the aristocracy of taste! Lampong black, Muntok white, Pink and Green peppercorns for a confetti of color and flavor. Recommended for everything!    
PEPPER ROSΙ                                                                    MADAGASCAR    
A European favorite. Mild & sweet with a light tangy flavor. A must for the fabulous "pink peppercorn sauce". Recommended for VEAL & SPECIALTY FOODS.    
GREEN PEPPERCORNS                                                           BRAZIL
The black peppercorns harvested early to produce a light and spicy flavor with a fruity sharpness. Recommended for use in herb butter, spreads and sauces for chicken and seafood.
LEMON PEPPER                                                           INDIA, INDONESIA
Black and white peppercorns with lemon peel for that special zesty flavor that will wake up any palate. Recommended for dishes needing an extra touch of citrus or for reducing salt intake without sacrificing taste.
GARLIC PEPPER                                                           INDIA, INDONESIA
Black and white peppercorns with chopped garlic for that pungent flavor that is healthy & delicious.    
POT PEPPOURRI                                                 INDIA, INDONESIA, MEXICO
Black and white peppercorns, red and green jalapenos and garlic for the home chef who likes a little heat and a whole lot of character. This peppercorn blend is wonderful in chili and for making peppercorn steak. Try adding to salsa!    
ONION PEPPER                                                             INDIA, INDONESIA
Black peppercorns and chopped onion for all the "Onion Lovers" out there.        

Pungent black peppercorns mixed with the more delicate, musty flavor of the white peppercorns. Recommended for all entrees. Use whenever you desire the union of fine gourmet peppercorns.    
JOE'S SPECIAL BLEND                                                    INDIA, INDONESIA    
According to Joe, Flavorbank needed to combine two of its best peppercorn blends, Garlic Pepper and Onion Pepper to bring you the ultimate in peppercorn blends.    

A thin shelled, more fragile white peppercorns. Larger and brighter than our Muntok peppercorns. Recommended for light-colored or white sauces.    
PERKY PEPPER SEASONING                                          WORLDWIDE
A perky blend of black and white peppercorns, onion, garlic, tomato flakes and celery for a special spicy taste. Recommended for all entrees you'd like to spice up. Fabulous in soups and sauces. Try grinding fresh and adding to bean dip!
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