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A Gourmet Guide to Sea Salts    
Professional chefs identify salt as the single most important ingredient in their kitchen. Not only is salt life-sustaining, but how zestless would our lives be without the flavor enhancing effects of salt? Flavorbank's line of sea salts range from the Brittany coast of France to the red clay of Hawaii — each with their own distinctive flavors and characteristics. Our salts contain no additives, just great tasting, all natural, gourmet salt that greatly enhances the flavor of foods.

COARSE CRYSTAL SALT                                                        The Sea!
Sun purified, all natural sea salt. Acclaimed by chefs as being as essential to fine food as freshly ground pepper.    
BRITTANY GREY SEA SALT                                            Brittany, France
Harvested from the North-Atlantic coast of Europe, this salt is rich in calcium and potassium. These crystals are slightly moist and have a flavorful, briny quality.    
BLACK SANCHAL SEA SALT                                            Pakistan/India
Finely ground Black Sea Salt, also known as Kala Namak Salt. Mined from the volcanic regions of Pakistan and India. Black sea salt has a mildly sulfuric flavor. Used in many dishes in southern Asia.    
KOSHER PURE SEA SALT                                               Worldwide
Kosher salt is freshly ground, feathered and free of additives that could make your liquids, juices and sauces cloudy. Preferred by true connoisseurs as more pure and flavorful to their gourmet meals.    
ALAE HAWAIIAN SEA SALT                                                 Hawaii
The red clay of Hawaii gives this Alae Salt its unique flavor and color. Claimed by natives to hold medicinal properties because of its high mineral content.    
SASSY SEA SALT                                                            Worldwide
A sassy blend of Coarse Sea Salt, garlic, onion, jalapenos and lemon peel for a feisty mingling of savory flavors that will excite your palate. Use on everything from baked potatoes and eggs, to adding when boiling water for pasta. A secret ingredient for fabulous meals!    

A Gourmet Guide to Chili Peppers

The measure of a great chili goes far beyond its ability to bring tears to your eyes. Cooking with chilies is more than heat and spice, chilies should actually draw out more flavor from food. The heat, flavor and color of chili peppers can vary greatly from crop to crop, so at Flavorbank we carefully select our peppers with a keen eye and a discerning hand. Our chili peppers deliver the flavor and intensity you expect. In addition, studies show that chilies can increase the body's metabolism, which helps to burn calories, So turn on the heat and enjoy the charm of chilies.
This page gives information regarding the use, origin and intensity of various chili peppers. Heat Units (hu) are measured by the amount of volatile oil in the chili pepper indicated in the guide established by the American Spice Trade Association.    

Crushed Habanero (210,000+hu)                          Yucatan & Caribbean    
An intense, fiery acidic heat in the hottest chili in the world! Used mainly in sauces. A must for the Jamaican Jerk recipes. GREAT FLAVOR!    

African Devil Chili (120,000+hu)                            N.W. Africa & Thailand    
Also called "birdseye" chilies or "Thai" chilies, known for being "hot as a live coal"! A major ingredient for Thai and Vietnamese dishes.    

Diablo Red Chili Powder (80,000+hu)                       Mexico & S.W. USA    
A blend of hot chilies and garlic, this popular condiment is the basic ingredient of most Mexican-type dishes. It is also in demand for eggs, shellfish and vegetables.    

Ground Ancho Chili (55,000+hu)                     Puebla region, Central Mexico
A dried poblano chili. The most commonly used chili in Mexico. Indispensable for making sauces and molé.        

Diced Jalapeno Chili (50,000+hu)                   Vera Cruz, Oaxaca & SW USA
Jalapenos can be added to anything you want to "spice up"! Salsas, stews, soups, breads, sauces and dips.        

Ground Chipotle Chili (50,000+hu)                                     Mexico
A large, dried, smoked jalapeno. Medium thick, smoky and sweet in flavor with tobacco and chocolate tones with a subtle, deep rounded heat. Mainly used in soups, salsas and sauces.  

A Gourmet Guide to Sweet Spices

Exotic, sweet, and multifaceted, Flavorbank's imported Sweet Spices are an essential part of every kitchen. They can be used in everything from cereals to desserts and beyond. How about a pinch of cinnamon or vanilla powder in your morning coffee? Indulge your senses with these spectacular aromas and flavors which will enhance even the simplest recipe.

Cinnamon Sticks
Use Whole Cinnamon Sticks to flavor Mulled Wine, Coffee and Cocoa. Use as Swizzle Sticks in Hot Buttered Rum and Hot Toddies.    

Ground Cinnamon    
Imported from Korintje. Use in cakes, puddings and Cinnamon Sugar.    

Whole Nutmeg
From the Caribbean. Many cooks insist on grating the whole nutmeg to be assured of the real, rich, fresh flavor. Also good for slingshots.    

Ground Nutmeg
Imported from East India. Wonderful for most egg and cheese dishes. Useless with a slingshot.    

Tahitian Vanilla Bean
Botanically different from the vanilla orchid grown in other parts of the world. Prized by European connoisseurs for its rich aromatic properties and flavor.    

Whole Cloves
From the Moluccas Islands. The essential sweet spice, cloves are warming and fragrant with a peppery aroma and a sweet taste reminiscent of vanilla.    

Whole Allspice
From the Jamaican Islands. Also known as Jamaican Pepper, Allspice contains characteristics of sever spices, namely cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg.    

Spice Delight
An original Flavorbank blend. A spicy alternative to pumpkin pie seasoning, Spice Delight can also be used in all holiday baking. Also great with ham and squash.
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