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Making Our Designer Exotic Wooden Peppermills
We provide Exceptional Quality and High Value for Your Investment in
Our Elegant Hand Turned Pepper Mills
     Hello! We are excited to hear from you!
     Please let us know how you came to find our site. We Thank You for your interest in our Exotic Wood Pepper Mills and hope you enjoy reading about how we make them. Use the buttons below or Click on any blue link text to see more, use your back button to return here.
     We know that to be a truly perfect gift or collection piece, our Designer Pepper Mills must be exacting in every detail. Our passion is to create artistic peppermill designs in which the woods natural luster and rich grain are blended to create strikingly beautiful contrasts.  We think we have done that with our Exotic Wood Pepper Mills.
This picture shows more than 60 different wood species we stock to make our peppermills and the unusual natural color of the woods.
     A great deal of design thought and attention to every detail goes into making each of our Pepper Mills an exquisite delight. Our elegant and attractive shape is designed to be balanced in one's hand, and to fit comfortably and be a pleasure to use by men and women alike. We have developed a precision design strategy that allows us to achieve the desired effect intentionally and consistently. Some of our pepper mills use as many as 26 layers of laminated wood, and our segmented peppermill has 128 pieces of wood. It is a known fact that laminate woods are stronger and more stable. The glue we use penetrates deep into the pores of each piece of wood making them even stronger than they were before.

    We have in stock more than 60 exotic wood species to choose from and the wood colors are all natural and truly amazing. You are buying a Piece of Art that is functional, but also a piece of history. All our woods come from strictly plantation grown stock, however one day some of these woods may no longer exist. To read about preserving these exotic woods for future generations to enjoy, visit The American Tree Farm on our links page.
     To make our peppermills, each layer is precisely re-sawn on a band-saw and then processed through a progression of dimensioning and sanding equipment before being laminated together. We then take this block of multicolored woods and turn it on a wood lathe to the exact dimensions to allow the desired effects. Sanding is done on the lathe, progressing step by step from 60 grit up to 600 grit. A hole is then precisely drilled to the exact inner dimension necessary for the mechanism. A custom designed top that compliments the colors in the mill is turned and custom fitted to each individual mill.
     We finish our mills using 12 or more coats of high gloss lacquer which is hand sanded and hand polished up to 3600 grit and will give your mill a lifetime of protection from wet and greasy hands as well as keeping the colors true. Lacquer gives the highest degree of protection necessary for kitchen use with an outstanding appearance. When comparing, pay close attention to the finish. We spend hours working to achieve a glass like finish, as close to a "piano finish" as we can, even on the most grainy woods like Zebrawood and Wenge. This takes time and patience, we never rush the finishing. Our creations are a fine work of art, with the peppermill shape being the canvas, and the exotic wood as our artistic medium. Read what our customers have said on our 7  Pages of Testimonials.
     It takes about 10-12 actual days to produce a single mill.  Each mill is signed and shipped with an “Identification Card” which covers use and care and describes the woods used and their characteristics along with the year of creation and a serial number. Put this card away in a safe place. Your mill will appreciate in value and one day be a treasured family heirloom, this card will add value to its Collectability and Authenticity. It's our attention to detail that makes our peppermills an exquisite delight to own and use and what sets ours a part. Exceptional quality and workmanship shows! The Master Craftsmen, and Legendary Pinky Martin values his time and his work. He is our inspiration, and we proudly carry on his legacy in the same tradition. You will receive nothing less from us! We are happy to show you what we have produced in the past, with the archive pictures of our most popular designs allowing you to Buy with Confidence, because our quality and workmanship is on display!

     All woods will change color as they age, and protecting your mill from direct sunlight and excess heat/humidity is important. Never store your mill above the back of your stove or immerse in water. Protecting the peppercorns and salt is equally important. We go an extra step to insure your enjoyment of your fresh ground pepper and salt by protecting them from reacting with the wood on the inside of our mills.
     Our Professional Chef Quality mechanisms are made by “Chef Specialties” of durable stainless steel and are fully adjustable from coarse to fine, with a spring that keeps your setting where you want it. Chef Specialties pepper mills retain the quality that was first designed in the original pepper grinders back in the 40's. They are the most widely sold pepper mills to the Food Service or Restaurant Industry. The mechanisms carry a lifetime warranty, which is backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your mill is shipped with a supply of the very best gourmet peppercorns so you can begin enjoying the taste and aroma of freshly ground pepper upon receiving your mill. You can make your selection of the kind you would like. To purchase additional supplies of peppercorns and coarse salts visit our Gourmet Peppercorns and Salts website, Now Open for Business!
    We will post a picture of the final product on our website Customer Viewing Page upon completion of your order for you to view.  We will get your Made-to-Order peppermill out within 10-18 weeks, and will keep you updated on the progress of your order by email. We welcome your questions and provide design consultation with our resident Kitchen Designer and have provided a page of suggested Companion Sets, or a Coordinated set can be made of 2 in the same design, reversing the woods.
     Thank you for your interest in our Exotic Wood Pepper Mills.  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your business and your patience. Write to us any time at:
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty
     If you should ever have any problems with your Pepper Mill just return it to us for repair, refinishing or replacement within our lifetime. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no questions asked. Just return it within 30 days of purchase if you are not absolutely satisfied with the quality, workmanship, or operation of your peppermill, for full refund of your purchase price.
     Please visit our site often for new additions, and do let us know if you have problems navigating our website.

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