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Introduction to Our Exotic Wood Peppermills

Hand crafted Turned 8" 10" & 12" Pepper Mills, Collectible
Gift objects made from the Rare & Exotic Woods Of The World
Just as freshly ground pepper accents your food, our colorful turned and hand polished exotic wood pepper mill accents your table setting!
If you are serious about food and cooking, you will enjoy a high quality pepper mill. Nothing compares to the sharp, pungent flavor and perfume of peppercorns that are freshly ground and with little pepper dust to make you sneeze!    
Our Designer Pepper Mill Features
   Handcrafted from the rare and exotic
     woods of the world, purchased from
     carefully managed farm grown forests
     in South America and Africa;
   Unique lamination method creates
     fascinating and different effects from
     every angle;
   One-of-a-kind object, each piece numbered
     and signed and can be custom designed;
   10 coats of high gloss lacquer to protect
     from kitchen wear and tear, glass like
     piano smooth finish.
   Inside finished with food safe finish;
   Stainless steel mechanisms from
     Chef Specialties, Lifetime Warranty;
   Comes with Gourmet Peppercorns;
   Makes a lively conversation piece;  
   Adds just the right touch of spice and
     a splash of color to your kitchen;
   A Perfect Gift and Collectible;
   Shipped gift boxed;
   100% Satisfaction Guarantee !
    Send us an email to let us know you are interested and we will send you more information along with availability of the particular peppermill you are interested in, or to talk about a custom order.  Click here to read about the Making of Our Pepper Mills.
     We know that to be a truly perfect gift or collection piece, our peppermills must be exacting in every detail. Each piece comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. We offer choices of woods for customized orders from more than 60 different and amazing species of woods. We have both domestic and beautiful exotic hardwoods to suit any taste or decor !
     Help! & FAQ! To maneuver around our site, Clicking on the pictures will take you places like the Gallery. From the Gallery to the Enlargement Pictures where you can read what our customers have been saying about our  8" 10" & 12" Pepper Mills and make your purchase! An 8" model will be designated with the design # and an (a). 10" models are (b) and 12" models are (c). The top style known as the (TM) is the Taj Mahal shape top. This top style will be standard for all designs and any size. It does make them a little taller than 8" or 10" and requires a custom sized mechanism. Use the buttons below or Click on any blue text to follow the link. Use your back button to return to where you were. Please check back often for Exciting New Items ! Let us know if you need any more help !
Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Warranty!
     All our items come with a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not absolutely satisfied with the quality, workmanship, or operation of any item, just return for full refund of your purchase price within 30 days of purchase, no questions asked. Limited Lifetime Warranty on our peppermills (limited to our lifetime of course). Please note the pictures shown are representative of the items that are for sale.  We will be happy to upload a photo for your viewing before shipping of your order for your final approval upon your request.  
We cannot accept Phone Orders with Credit Cards.
If you have more questions and would like to speak with us,
you can reach us at the number below.
    R. McKinney
            4083 Red Laurel Way
            Snellville, GA 30039

    email us for number
    Orders are Shipped by USPS Priority Mail.
    Online Ordering is done using PayPal,
            Mail Orders with Checks are Welcome Anytime!

    All are Made to Order, delivery times will vary with demand.
    Finish is 10 Coats or more of High Gloss Lacquer, hand polished.
Use and Care Instructions

Occasionally peppercorns may swell and sometimes they become caked in the
grinding mechanism, this is true for any kind of grinding or crushing mechanism. Tellicherry are more prone to this because they are so large. People who live in high humidity or coastal climates may come across this problem. The peppermill will grind hard and produce little pepper. I have provided below some use and care instructions and a printable disassembly instruction sheet that might help. If this does not help, please don't hesitate to let us know. I have read up on different manufacturers and all seem to have similar problems, particularly with Tellicherry.

What you will need to do is remove all the peppercorns. You may want to discard or try using a microwave or toaster oven to dry them out again. If they have become moldy or mushy discard them.

When disassembly is needed take note of how the mechanism comes apart so that you can put it back the same way. After putting it back together with the top still off, press up on the male part to make sure that it moves in and out freely. Be careful not to over tighten the small screws holding the mechanism in.

You can use alcohol to clean inside if needed but dry completely before reassembly.

It is best not to overfill so that the peppercorns are not packed too tightly and you will use up the pepper before it has time to swell. The fresher the peppercorns the better.

If you are not going to be using it for a while consider taking the peppercorns out and storing them in an air tight container, refill when needed.

Never store the peppermill over the stove where it will be in close contact with boiling water steam and never put your wood mill in water.

Turn the peppermill upside down once in a while and shake the peppercorns down to the top. If they do not rattle loosely they may be packed too tightly or have become moist.

Some manufacturers recommend turning your mill upside down before changing your setting to fine making sure peppercorns are not going to be caught in the mechanism when you tighten it down to a finer grind. This is probably a good idea!

This picture shows one that we refinished. This dear customer unfortunately had a
terrible accident happen to her pepper mill. It actually got burned from being too close
to a flame. We were able to strip all the finish off and refinish it better then new!

I wish now I had taken a photo of it all black, so I could show the before and after. I guess I just could not bear to look at it that way at the time!

Don't be afraid to let us know, we want to be able to make it New again!
Contrary to what you see Sara Moulton doing with her pepper
mills on TV, no pepper mill finish will withstand being placed too
close to a heat source. Our recommendation is to keep your
pepper mill far enough away from your cooking surface, and
never store it over the back of your cooking space.

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