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We are heavily committed to your privacy and We despise Spam!  
Maintaining the privacy and integrity of your visit is of paramount importance to us.

We respect the privacy and rights of our visitors. No effort is made to identify individuals without their knowledge.

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Copyright Protection Policy

If you believe that our work has been copied in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, or our intellectual property rights have been otherwise violated, please help us protect our rights by providing us the following information:

A description of the copyrighted work
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If we find that an infringement has occurred, WE WILL post the offending website name, URL and information on the responsible parties here, so beware!

WARNING : If You think our ideas are good enough to steal, We are flattered, BUT. . .
 You might ought to think again!
You Will Forfeit Your Right to Privacy and possibly any Privilege or Protections if you violate our rights!

We really dislike having to educate about the specifics of copyright law, however it is clear, there seems to be a lot of misperceptions regarding the Internet and the vast availability of information and content.  So to prevent any misunderstandings we would like to restate the following:
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will be fully enforced and it applies to everything in any and all ways on any and all websites owned, managed, and/or created, linked to or linked from that are connected in any way with any relationship to or with B&JTR Enterprises. Websites and content included under this protection include but are not limited to www.ExoticWoodPepperMills.com, www.WoodenPepperMills.com, www.WoodPepperMills.com, www.GourmetPepperMills.com, www.GourmetSaltandPepper.com, www.GourmetPeppercorns.com.

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Fines for copyright infringement now exceed
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That means for every single time an image, story, article, or any other element of content contained within this site (in full or in part) or from any website with any relationship is used or referenced without specific written permission.

Not to mention upon notice from us, your service provider can be made to take down your website!

So please, respect our hard work as you would want yours respected.  And should you be tempted, remember we have our own recourse here!    
For additional information on the laws governing copyrighted materials, please contact:
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