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#5 "New 3 Wood Designer Pepper Mill"

made with Bocote, Maple and ChakteViga.
 $220 for the 8"
$245 for the 10"
$270 for the 12"
$190 for the Salt Cellar

17 layers of the woods !  

Archive for custom designs.
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Pictured here is a 10" Pepper Mill
Ships in 12-18 weeks .
Shown from the back, the front and the side views of the design.

Designer Pepper Mill Like Sara's!
This Design allows the natural beauty of 3 gorgeous woods, to harmonize in elegant subtle simplicity. Save $25 on a customized set! Email us your wood choices.
To Purchase Pepper Mills, Pepper and Salt Mill Sets and Salt Cellars

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8" Custom Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Custom Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Custom Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Custom Salt Cellar, $190

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See some Other Custom Design Ideas on the Archive Page. Many Thanks to Our Customers Creative Selections of Woods. We Always Love The Opportunity To Try Something New, So Do Not Hesitate To Share Your Ideas.
"Well, I received my Provence peppermill Thursday (how did you know it was my birthday?)  I excitedly opened the box and gasped!!!  My peppermill is a beautiful work of art.  It looks so much more spectacular than the picture you posted.  It is every bit as beautiful as Sara Moulton's.   I never thought that I would own such a beautiful, artistic piece.  We move into our new home in 3 weeks and my "Provence" peppermill is going to look fabulous in my Tuscany kitchen.  I am going to take a picture of my Golden Beach granite, tumbled Noce stone backsplash and my Oak cabinets with my Provence peppermill in the foreground.  IT IS GOING TO BE BEAUTIFUL!!!
I am going to be sooo proud to entertain in my new kitchen using my peppermill.  I know it will attract a lot of attention and compliments.  Thank you again for your wonderful service, informative emails and spectacular workmanship.  I look forward to my matching salt cellar!  I am going to tell everyone about you and I know many of my friends will want a custom peppermill also!!
Warmest regards," - Sharon from California
"My wife was thrilled with the Legacy Pepper Mill. I was a little worried that she might not go for the purple, but she went crazy, so I thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Your workmanship is the finest I have ever seen. You & your husband should be very proud !! Thanks again."  - Dick from Tennessee
"We were so pleased with our Highlander Pepper Mill.  It is beautiful!  I am having so much fun starting my collection of different salt boxes and pepper mills--and the salts and peppercorns to go with them.  Thank you so much for the excellent job.  It is an outstanding creation, and we were "tickled" that you chose such a clever name.  Have a very Happy New Year!" - Illa from Missouri

"Everything went well with my gift to my mother of the Sleme Pepper Mill.  She loved it and so did everyone else.  We took a picture of her and will be emailing you soon.   Thank you so very much, it looks beautiful in the kitchen.  I may be ordering another in the near future.  Best regards, say hello to Lois." - Dolores from Ohio


Copyright © 1999-2015, www.ExoticWoodPeppermills.com and B&JTR Enterprises All Rights Reserved.