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#11 "Ebony Princess" Pepper Mill made of Ebony, Bubinga and Maple.

Made of 21 layers of wood!

$250 for 8"
$275 for 10"
$300 for 12"
$200 for Salt Cellar

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This lovely 12" Set shows the TM style tops. All will be made with the TMtop. Original top available on request.
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Ebony is getting harder to acquire, and prices are going up!
Shown first is the front/side view and second is a set. This piece contains a generous amount of very rare and expensive Ebony with nicely figured Bubinga. It is spectacular! The black Ebony just shimmers!
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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $250
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $275
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $300
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Matching Salt Cellar, $200
"Ebony Princess is Tres magnificent!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!!!!!!!  Your efforts are appreciated… it will reside in Ravello, Italy…Perched high above the Mediterranean with incredible panoramic views of the amalfi coast…. . To be cradled within the able hands of a most wonderful cook!!!!!  Best Regards" - Maryann from Pennsylvania
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"Well they are spectacular! The Ebony Princess looks fantastic with my Giallo Vincenza granite and the whole kitchen. Thank you so much for your help in picking out the peppermills and for always keeping me updated on their progress. They are truly works of art and I will be showing mine off on Sunday for Mothers dinner. You were wonderful to work with and I will recommend You to all my friends! I wish that I had a fraction of the talent that you both have, its really a gift to be able to share your talent with so many people! Thanks again and best regards," - Rose from New Jersey
 "We received our beautiful Ebony Princess peppermill yesterday.  It is absolutely beautifully handcrafted.  What a true artisan you are.  We are very pleased with it and it has taken center stage in our kitchen.  We talked about the fact that it is an heirloom piece and we decided we better get the matching salt shaker for our beautiful peppermill so each of the boys will get to have something really special. Thank you again for such quality work, you don't always get that these days.  We will have it always in our family and I love the choice of the Purpleheart.  It is truly a spectacular piece."  - Sincerely, Kimberly & Don, from Indiana
Ebony Princess made with Purpleheart. Would also look terrific made with Bloodwood!
Use the button below to purchase it made with an alternate wood and confirm by email which wood selection.
"We received our Ebony Princess Peppermill Set today and were so very excited to open the box! The set is very elegant and they look beautiful in our kitchen. They seem almost like glass and we hope we won't be afraid to use them. We are sure that they will be the topic of conversation. It was fun working with both of you and an experience we will never forget. Perhaps one day we will do phase 2." - Mike & Midge from Michigan
"Hi Robyn!!  Your mills are identical to Pinky's!!  You're right!!  I don't know if I can part with the Taj Mahal, Maui, Ebony Princess or Kilimanjaro, but I must at this time!!  They are all beautiful and have exceeded my expectations!!  I can't wait for hubby to get home, so with his help we can select two more to purchase.    LOL.....we are planning our cabinets and granite around your pepper mills!!  Oh, and thank you for the lovely pen!!  How nice and thoughtful of you. Talk to you soon. Regards," - Roberta from California
"Got my Ebony Princess Peppermill yesterday. It is beautiful! Next step is working together to develop our "relationship."   I'll let you know how the "bonding" goes.  I am thinking about the salt cellar to match. Thanks for great service and a gorgeous product." - Esther from New Jersey

"Hi Robyn, I got my Ebony Princess salt cave yesterday and it is beautiful. The cave and mill look great together. Thanks," - Esther from New Jersey
"Dear Ron and Robyn, There was one thing at the top of my Christmas list and one thing only -- an Ebony Princess Peppermill!  I mentioned it many a time, and had left little helpful reminder notes, as to where to find and purchase the most exquisite peppermill I had ever seen.  Unfortunately, I thought all my hints were in vain, and that I would be ordering my peppermill for myself on December 26. The packages under the tree didn't appear to be "peppermill" size, I was so disappointed!  Then came Christmas morning, and to my most wonderful surprise the last gift I opened, was the gift I wanted most, my Ebony Princess Peppermill!!!!  As other keepers of these beautiful treasures have mentioned, the photos do not do them justice, they are truly exquisite pieces of art, and I'd like to thank you for mine!!!  I have a birthday coming up in February, and I already know the item at the top of my wish list.... an ebony princess salt cellar..... that is if I can wait that long!  Thank you again, I will always cherish my peppermill!!!!!   We hope you both had a wonderful Christmas, and that you can take a little time for yourselves, from what we're sure was a very busy pre-holiday. Best Wishes, and Many Thanks - Sonia from Wisconsin
"Just want to let you both know that the "Ebony Princess Pepper Mill" arrived last evening -- just WOW --- TRULY beautiful --- you can be proud and SO worth the wait! I am thrilled. Thank you again for everything and being so generous about your correspondence and time". - Micki from New York

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