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#14 "Kilimanjaro" Pepper Mill is made of Wenge, Yellowheart and Bubinga

Made of 21 layers of wood !

$220 for 8"
$245 for 10"
$270 for 12"
$190 for Salt Cellar

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Will come with the TMtop Style, with original top by request.
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"We Love The Kilimanjaro Peppermill we recieved...I am Filling out the Order Form To get a matching Salt Mill right now! "  - Joe from New Jersey
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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Salt Cellar, $190

"The Kilimanjaro pepper mill arrived as you indicated.  It is even more beautiful than I expected.  A true work of art. Thank you sincerely," - RWS from Washington
"Robyn!! I am so excited about receiving my Kilimanjaro TM Pepper Mill this afternoon!!  It is truly a work of art just like my Pinky Pepper Mill!!  The colors of the wood and the finish on the mill is perfect!!  The two mills are IDENTICAL in the sense of quality and beauty. I want my husbands opinion as to which mill was more difficult to make and my guess is yours... LOL......I don't know if I can part with it now that I have it in my possession!!  You did a very professional job in the packaging and I really like the added touch of including the peppercorns. It has been a real pleasure in connecting up with you via the Food Network! Regards," - Roberta from California
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"I am still in China and have not yet seen the Kilimanjaro Pepper Mill for myself, but my girlfriends family in Mexico love it. I think I will have a hard time getting it back to England!!!! Watch this space there maybe another order coming!! Regards," - Tony from England
"We received the Coordinated Kilimanjaro Saltmill and it is a great compliment to the Peppermill...thanks" - Joe from NJ
"Hi Robyn!!  Your mills are identical to Pinky's!!  You're right!!  I don't know if I can part with the Taj Mahal, Maui, Ebony Princess or Kilimanjaro, but I must at this time!!  They are all beautiful and have exceeded my expectations!!  I can't wait for hubby to get home, so with his help we can select two more to purchase.    LOL.....we are planning our cabinets and granite around your pepper mills!!  Oh, and thank you for the lovely pen!!  How nice and thoughtful of you. Talk to you soon. Regards," - Roberta from California
"Thank you very much for creating this beautiful Kilimanjaro Peppermill. My family and I are already enjoying it. I will definitely keep you in mind when I make a decision on a salt cellar. Thank you again." - Jennifer from California

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