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#16 "Zebrawood" Pepper Mill is made of Zebrawood, Walnut,
and Quilted Maple

$220 for 8"
$245 for 10"
$270 for 12"
$190 for Salt Cellar

Made of 19 layers of wood!

Purchase Pepper Mills, Sets or Salt Cellars below.
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All tops will be the NEW TMtop style!
Archive page of recently made Zebrawood mills.
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The Zebrawood Peppermill is our #2 top selling design.
Looks spectacular with Maple, Oak or Cherry kitchen cabinets!

Order One of these "Our Most Popular Designs" in a 10" size NOW to have ready for xmas delivery!
Our unique Matching Salt Cellars are 4" high x 3" wide. The perfect size for pinching the right amount of your favorite gourmet salts.
Buy a "Zebrawood Peppermill" and Matching "Salt Cellar".
To Buy just the Matching "Zebrawood Salt Cellar" use the button below, and Email us if you have any questions.
We show here three that were ordered at the same time demonstrating our unique ability to make them look very similar !
To Purchase Pepper Mills, Pepper and Salt Mill Sets and Salt Cellars

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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Salt Cellar, $190
" WOW. My ChakteViga and Zebrawood set arrived and as I expected it is a work of art, beautiful. I also want to thank you both for the wonderful service. I printed the picture so I can have it in my file. Again, Thanks." - Clare from Arizona
"I received the "Zebrawood Peppermill". I love it; it's beautiful!   I know my wife is going to love it too when she opens it on Christmas.  Hopefully she doesn't suspect anything.  Thanks." - Dave from California
"It is here !!!!!!!! My Zebrawood Peppermill is here!  I have been away for a few days and I returned today to find it in my mailbox.  I can't use it just yet since it is my Christmas present to myself, but it is just a beautiful as it can be.  I am so excited to use it, that waiting until Christmas day will be just like a little kid waiting for Santa.  Thanks so much for a very beautiful and useful piece of art.  And it is a piece of art!  I do some wood working myself and I just wish I had half the talent it takes to make a piece like this.  Thanks again and have a Happy Holiday.  I know I will !!"  - Ray from Missouri
"My Zebrawood peppermill arrived and it is simply gorgeous.  I knew from the photographs that it would be beautiful, but I hadn't anticipated just how beautiful!  What I most love is that it is not only lovely to look at, but also lovely to hold—with the smooth as glass surface and weight of such a substantial wood creation—and lovely to smell.  It is a multi-sensory experience.  Thank you so much for sharing your artistry with me. With appreciation and admiration."
- Tracy from Virginia
"A couple of days have passed since I excitedly phoned to let you know my Zebrawood Peppermill had arrived safely. It is truly much, nicer than I ever expected. Needless to say, whenever friends enter the kitchen, it immediately catches their eyes, resulting in a host of compliments and questions. Again, thank you both very much...... It was a pleasure doing business with such nice people......"
- Cathy from Tennessee
"I just received the Zebrawood Peppermill and it arrived in fine shape.  Mary and I both feel it's a work of art. I'm sure our guests will be quite impressed by its unique style and elegance.  It is every bit as exquisite as Sara Moulton's. Yours truly."
- Joe and Mary from Florida
"Yes, I really do like the Zebrawood peppermill.  I have been receiving a lot of positive responses from my friends that have seen it so far.  Thanks a lot! - Leonard from Texas
"My Zebrawood Peppermill is absolutely beautiful!  The pictures don't do them justice. I've been showing it to anyone that comes by.  Thank you again for making me a little show piece for my kitchen.Sincerely." - Martha from California
"We just love our Zebrawood Peppermill!  I think now what my husband is looking for is the matching salt cellars.  I will be sending in an order for 2, one for each peppermill.  He wants it for Valentine's Day.  You do beautiful work.  Every time a guest is in our house Paul makes sure they see the peppermill, and of course he gives them your name.  Thanks again!" - Sandy from California

"As so many others have said, the images on the website do not come close to the amazing beauty and quality of the Zebrawood Peppermill!  It was a gift for my husband, and we were both astounded by how truly beautiful it is.  Thank you for the most wonderful gift and outstanding service". - Dana from West Virginia

"Hi Robyn, the Zebrawood pepper mill came today for our friends and it is absolutely gorgeous. You are right, it looks so much better than the picture. I can't wait to give it to them. Now you have to add Florida to your list of states. I couldn't be more please, especially with your care in packaging. I am still in a quandary as to what to pick for our personal pepper mill. The Zebrawood will look great on their granite and will go well with their maple cabinets. Our cabinets are oak and my granite has grey, black and has maroon in it. I will keep going over the pictures, the rest of our house is very light-lots of windows and I have oak window sills, crown molding etc. Lots of wood. I have a vase on the counter that is made out of Spalted Maple from North Carolina - kind of light in color with fine lines of black and brown. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Again thank you for the fine and beautiful job for our friends. Again your web site is terrific. Sincerely," - Robin from Florida  
Hey Robyn & Ron!! I feel like we are old friends.  I took the salt cellar up to the Ranch and Paul opened it on Easter Morning. It is absolutely gorgeous!! It looks so nice sitting next to the pepper mill.  It's full of salt and it assisted in cooking your lamb dinner for Easter.   Your craftsmanship is an art form.  Well..... you never know when another order will be coming through.  Sorry I didn't answer you yesterday I have the flu. I hope you all had a very nice Easter.   Thanks again,  Sandy from California

"My wife is extremely happy with the Zebrawood Pepper Mill and can't wait for the salt cellar. Sincerely," - Dave Blunk from California

The Zebrawood Pepper Mill is gorgeous!! Thanks. - Teresa from New Jersey

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