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#17 "Spinning Hearts" Pepper Mill is made of Purpleheart, Yellowheart
and Bloodwood  

$280 for 8"
$305 for 10"
$330 for 12"
$200 for Salt Cellar

Made of more than 128 pieces of wood!
This design can be done with other wood colors, just let us know your desired woods or kitchen colors!
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Shown are a set of 12" and a set of 8" Spinning Hearts. We spin them in opposite directions for sets!
Email us first, this one takes considerable time, so we need the heads up first!
This one was custom designed using Bloodwood, Yellowheart, and Purpleheart. You will not believe how beautiful it is! Unfortunately pictures will never do it justice, but take my word for it.  
This one will leave you breathless!
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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $280
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $305
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $330
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Matching Salt Cellar, $200
"I got my Salt of the Earth cellar and I absolutely love it!  It is beautiful!  I already have it filled with salt and it is proudly displayed with my Still Changing Hearts peppermill next to my stove.  I use my peppermill all of the time and I am sure I will use the salt cellar just as much since seasoning is the key to good food!  Thanks for the time and care you put into making both of my treasures! Sincerely," - Matthew from Florida
"Sorry it took so long to get back with you about the "Still Changing Hearts Peppermill".  Would you believe I just put the peppercorns in my mill last night.  It works great.  It is so beautiful I am almost afraid to use it.  It is displayed on my baker's rack.  Thanks again!"  - Matthew from Florida
Thank You Matthew for sharing with us this picture of your much loved set!
Still happily enjoying his treasures, 2 years after his purchase!
Matthew got to be on Rachel Rays Talk Show. They filmed his everything orange kitchen where our pepper mill is right at home!
"I am absolutely thrilled with the new "Spinning Hearts Peppermill". Its shine and color and smooth surface is beautiful.  My wife will be wildly happy for Christmas! Its nice to have personal service in a time when everything is automated business. Hope you have continued great success with your products, and a great holiday season! Thanks." -  Stuart from California

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