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#19 "King Cocobolo" Pepper Mill is made of Cocobolo, Goncalo Alves,
and Quilted Maple

$220 for 8"
$245 for 10"
$270 for 12"
$190 for Salt Cellar

Made of 11 layers of wood !

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Shown first is a Salt Shaker and then a Pepper mill. Each design is the same, however they are facing opposite directions, demonstrating how the set looks.
Archive for this design.
All will come with the TM top style!
Original top on request!
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This generous showing of Cocobolo stands proud and handsome with the deep rich color and highly figured natural luster that is characteristic of Cocobolo wood set off by the lovely contrast of Goncalo Alves and Quilted Maple.
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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Salt Cellar, $190
"The photos of the King & Queen Cocobolo pepper mill and salt shaker look great.  Cannot wait to see them "in person."  Greatly appreciate you shipping the order in time for the mid-December delivery I had requested. Will let you know when I receive them, etc. Sincerely", - Ed from Virginia
"I got my Cocobolo Pepper Mill today, and it is sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL. You really can't see how beautiful it is in a picture. Thank you so much! - Joyce from Virginia
"We returned home on Sunday and the King Cocobolo Peppermill was here.  I was so excited about the peppermill that I gave it to my husband right away.  And as I told you I'll probable be ordering another for our little ranch.  You did an excellent job.  Probably by the end of the week you'll have another order. It is beautiful!!! Thanks!" - Sandy from California
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for our absolutely magnificent 14" Cocobolo PepperMills!!!  They are even nicer than our expectations!  We are so delighted to have them and thank you for such lovely workmanship AND wood.  We will enjoy them for MANY years to come!!!" - Jack & Betsey from (Westminster, MD)
"MY Cocobolo Pepper Mill arrived yesterday in good shape. The picture in the customer veiwing page doesn't do it justice compared to what it looks like in real life. It's an exquisit peice of art. The design is precisely what I was looking for. Again what a beautiful mill. It's very possible that I may want to give my mill a partner. Whats a pepper mill without a salt mill. Will let you know in very near future! Thank You." - Lloyd from Florida
"We received our 10" King Cocobolo peppermill and 8" saltmill today. They are absolutely beautiful and match everything in our home. We named our 8" saltmill " Queen Cobolo". You will hear from us again soon." - Mike from Mineola, Texas
"I received my Diagonal Cocobolo saltmill today, it arrived in pristine condition. As was the case in seeing my peppermill in the customer viewing page, seeing my saltmill there doesn't do it the justice as seeing it in person. The brilliance of the color of wood and beauty of the grains running in the direction on a slight angle is astounding. It looks excellent next to my peppermill each one complementing the other. As each one was crafted at different times they both have their own personality. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thank You ! " - Lloyd  from Florida
"Thank you for the speedy response and shipment of the Cocobola Peppermill that I ordered for my Father for Father's Day!  I think it is beautiful and I can't wait to see what he says!  He has a thing for Peppermills and I hope he likes it as much as I think he will. Thanks again."
- Samantha from North Carolina

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