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#21 "BlackJack" Pepper Mill is made of Cocobolo, Bubinga (or ChakteViga, or Bloodwood), Zebrawood and Wenge

$220 for 8"
$245 for 10"
$270 for 12"
$190 for Salt Cellar

Made of 21 layers of wood!
Purchase Pepper Mills, Sets or Salt Cellars below.
 Archive Page for this design.
All will come with the TMtop style!
Original top on request.
ChakteViga BlackJack
Bubinga BlackJack
Bloodwood BlackJack
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Our most popular creation !  Cocobolo comes in a wide range of colors and goes well with Bubinga, a salmon brown color, Chakte Viga, a pumpkin to gold color, or Bloodwood, a burgandy red color. Veneers like green, blue, red or yellow can be used to pull in your accent colors. Be sure to take a look at the archive then drop us an email to let us know which one you like best.

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To Purchase Pepper Mills, Pepper and Salt Mill Sets and Salt Cellars

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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Salt Cellar, $190
"I don't know if you have heard from my wife or not yet about the Black Jack Pepper mill and ChakteViga Salt Mill, but she is totally over the moon with your fantastic Artistry. Thank you very much it made our birthday trip very special. She is now trying to think which set she wants to order for someone for the holidays. You will be hearing from us again soon. Thank you again they are truly beautiful as well as functional. Cheers."
- Mike and Debe from California
"I gave my wife the stunning Bloodwood Blackjack Peppermill and she loved it!  She described it as beautiful and very cool! The colors are beautiful and the craftsmanship is top notch.  It was definitely worth the wait. Please include us in what must be a long list of very satisfied customers.  Thanks!" - Greg from Bermuda
"Robyn and Ron, just wanted you to know that our BlackJack peppermill came today and it is just gorgeous. Very different from our friends' zebrawood, yet it is just perfect with our granite and our oak cabinets. You are both so skilled and it is truly a work of art. I will treasure and enjoy using it for many many years to come. I will also miss our e-mails and your thoughts and good wishes. I am so excited that I now have my own and can't wait to cook dinner and start using it. I am sure it will be the rave at Thanksgiving and Christmas when I feed a dozen family and friends for each holiday. Thank you again for your beautiful creation and personal care in helping me select both of them. Enjoy the holidays and I wish you all the best for the New Year. Sincerely," - Robin from Florida

"Per our phone conversation last week, just wanted to let you know I rec'd the beautiful BlackJack pepper mill from you folks last week. I have it "in storage" now until we move into our new home, with a beautiful new kitchen. All the best," - Jan from California
"Words fail me (and that doesn't often happen, believe me) -- my gorgeous Black jack Pepper mill arrived today, 9/5/03, at my office and I spent the rest of the afternoon sneaking peaks at it -- unwrapping, admiring, wrapping, over and over again.  You actually made it difficult for me to concentrate on the rest of the day!!  I knew it would be a beautiful product, but still I am amazed at the wonderful artistry and beautiful quality of your work.  It must be so satisfying to you both to make so many people so happy.
You've also solved my major Christmas presents predicament, and I will be ordering from you again VERY SOON!   Once again, my sincere thanks -- not only for the supremely beautiful and quality work but for the fast, courteous and safe treatment from finished product to destination.  I am delighted (as it sits next to me here at the computer), and I will definitely be back for more.  You are both a treasure, and I only wish I could come down to Georgia and watch the creative process first-hand. Bless you both -- keep up the great work!!" - Cathy H. from Washington, DC
"It's here!  I haven't opened the box because I want my daughter to see it undisturbed. Thanks for it arriving on this date and I'll let you know her reaction as soon as possible...Well, I finally saw the BlackJack pepper mill and gave it to my daughter tonight.  It's gorgeous!!  She is very excited.  Now I can't wait to see it in her home.  Thanks for your great talent.  I look forward to my salts. fondly," - Fran from Florida

"The Bloodwood BlackJack Peppermill arrived yesterday and it's GORGEOUS!!!!!   Thank you so much for such excellent workmanship and for your considerate communication along the way.  Good luck with your company.  I'll certainly pass the word to all my friends. Sincerely," - Beth from Alabama
"They looked awesome! Renee absolutely loved the BlackJack Pepper Mill and Cellar Set.  She was taking them with her to all our get togethers to show everyone. We received both items in time so everything worked out wonderfully.  You can count on us telling as many people as we can about the great work you guys do.  Have a great new year and thanx for making this a special Christmas." - Bill from Ohio
"I received one of your "BlackJack pepper mills" for fathers day and wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the product. The mill is truly a work of art, as evidenced by the quality materials and workmanship. I would also like to thank you for your exemplary customer service (which seems to be a lost art these days).
Thanks again!" - Steve from Florida
"Thanks so much.  It looks gorgeous with our Peacock Granite and a happy coincidence that it is here for Father's Day.  I am not letting Steve open it until Father's Day, so I'll let you know how he likes it then.  Well done!" - Joan from Florida
"Good News.....the Black Jack Pepper Mill came today and it is absolutely gorgeous!  It is proudly displayed on our kitchen counter and we're looking forward to having friends for dinner so we can show it off. We think the workmanship is impeccable and the design beautiful.  Each side of the mill has a little different design so whichever side you're looking at is unique.  We're very happy with our new purchase. Thank you," - Steve & Merle from Massachusetts
"We just received our Blackjack Pepper Mill in time for our 15th Wedding Anniversary. Its more beautiful than I expected. Matches our kitchen perfectly! We have the same colors in our Brazilian Granite countertops. We may have to order another one and buy course salt so we can grind that up too. It makes our glass salt shaker look very pitiful. They are so beautiful and we can't wait to show it off while enjoying it...Thanks again..."
- Jan & Wendell from California
"The "BlackJack" Peppermill is gorgeous!!  Even more beautiful than the photo!! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery, the care in packaging and even including the whole peppercorns!!  It added to a wonderful birthday celebration. Gratefully"
- Brad and Dolly from California
I received my "BLACKJACK" PEPPERMILL yesterday. Although I expected it to be  a very nice accessory in our kitchen, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty.  There is no doubt that instead of being just a pretty accessory, it will be a focal point and conversation piece. Our new home has "MAHOGANY BLUE EYES" GRANITE counter tops and the "BLACKJACK" is a perfect complement.  Thank You so much for allowing me to share your great work with my family and friends."
- Ted from South Carolina.
"We gave the Custom BlackJack mill to my Mother in Law and she FLIPPED!! She loves it!! Everyone comments about the finish. My Father in Law actually builds furniture as a hobby and could not get over the shine of the finish and the different woods. He was very impressed. My Mother is out of town so we have yet to give hers. I will keep you posted on her reaction but feel certain she will feel the same as I do. Thanks again!" - Kasey from Florida

"We received the Custom BlackJack Peppermill and Cellar yesterday and I was truly amazed at how fabulous they turned out! My first word was “WOW!” I honestly did not think they would be so gorgeous. My husband commented “What a work of art”. I will certainly refer my friends and family!! Thank you very much," - Kasey from Jacksonville Beach, FL

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