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#23 "Indian Gold" Pepper Mill is made of Zebrawood,
Goncalo Alves
and Quilted Maple

Made of 11 layers of wood!

$220 for 8"
$245 for 10"
$270 for 12"
$190 for Salt Cellar

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All will come with the TMtop style!
Original Top upon request!
Archive of this design.
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Great with Cherry or Maple Cabinets. Shown from the front and side view.
This mill was made to order for "Gallo Saint Cecilia Granite" countertops as part of a set.  Goes terrific with "Indian Gold" or "Gallo Veneziano" Granite.
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8" Pepper or Salt Mill, $220
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10" Pepper or Salt Mill, $245
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12" Pepper or Salt Mill, $270
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Matching Salt Cellar, $190
"We received our Indian Gold pepper mill on Thursday and it is beautiful!  We have taken pictures of it with our Giallo Veneziano Granite.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you and we look forward to putting in another order with you in the future. There are a few higher end kitchen stores down here that I think your mills would do fantastic in."
- Mike & Christine from California
"Looks absolutely unbelievable on my "Indian Gold Granite" Countertops and goes so well with my cherry cabinetry" - Clozell from Georgia
Robyn, our Kitchen Designer can suggest the perfect combination of exotic woods to look fabulous with your countertops! Let us know what color/kind of counter tops you have.
"I ordered a coordinate set, "Lady Cecilia" Pepppermill and "Lord Gold" Salt mill to go with my Giallo Saint Cecilia Granite, but I could not have been prepared for what awaited me inside the meticulous packaging. Superlatives come to mind. Flawless artisanship. Seamless rainbow of wood. A rich luster. Just exquisite! The website pictures simply do not do justice to what you do.You are quite simply the best pepper mill designers out there. When I will tell my friends about you - and I will - please know that I believe that anyone who ever wanted a mill like on Sara Moulton's show can have one. You both are a pleasure to do business with and your attention to your customers is very much appreciated." - Lynn from Illinois

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Thanks Mike for sharing your photos of your "Indian Gold Peppermill" on your new "Giallo Veneziano Granite". It looks strikingly beautiful with your cabinets too!  We love it when people share their enthusiasm with their purchases.  
Mike will earn credit toward his next purchase if you mention his photo as a deciding factor for your purchase.  
So let us know !


Copyright © 1999-2015, www.ExoticWoodPeppermills.com and B&JTR Enterprises All Rights Reserved.