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From Our Valued Customers  (page 1 of 7)
Through the Internet our creations have touched the lives of people in at least 48 states of the USA and many foreign countries. These wonderful words were written by our happy customers. Grouped by design, look for comments on the ones you like. See what they purchased by clicking on the blue underlined text.
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This is actually the overflow, our newest comments are on the Enlargement pages first. Let us know you came by and what you think of our site.

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"I received my "BLACKJACK" PEPPERMILL yesterday. Although I expected it to be a very nice accessory in our kitchen, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty.  There is no doubt that instead of being just a pretty accessory, it will be a focal point and conversation piece. Our new home has "MAHOGANY BLUE EYES" GRANITE counter tops and the "BLACKJACK" is a perfect complement.  Thank You so much for allowing me to share your great work with my family and friends." - Ted from South Carolina.
"We just received our Blackjack Pepper Mill in time for our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
Its more beautiful than I expected. Matches our kitchen perfectly! We have the same colors in our granite countertops. We may have to order another one and buy course salt so we can grind that up too. It makes our glass salt shaker look very pitiful. They are so beautiful and we can't wait to show it off while enjoying it...  Thanks again..." - Jan & Wendell from California
"The "BlackJack" Peppermill is gorgeous!!  Even more beautiful than the photo!! Thank you so much for the speedy delivery, the care in packaging and even including the whole peppercorns!!  It added to a wonderful birthday celebration."
- Brad & Dolly from California
"I received your "BlackJack Pepper Mill" for fathers day and wanted you to know how impressed I am with the product. The mill is truly a work of art, as evidenced by the quality materials and workmanship. I thank you for your exemplary customer service (a lost art these days). Thanks again!" - Steve from Florida
"The BlackJack peppermill is absolutely beautiful!  I just moved into a new loft and the artistic attributes of the piece complement my more modern living space.  I have already begun to make a list of people who I will recommend purchase one, or whom I will purchase one for.  Thank you very much ! " - Randy from Oregon
"Got my BlackJack Peppermill today and it is in perfect condition and absolutely beautiful.  Thank you so much for your time and the incredible gift that you have.  It's almost too pretty to use, but I will use it every day.  Thank you once again." - Heather from Texas
"Words fail me (that doesn't often happen, believe me) -- my gorgeous Blackjack Peppermill arrived today, at my office and I spent the rest of the afternoon sneaking peaks at it -- unwrapping, admiring, wrapping, over and over again... I am amazed at the wonderful artistry and beautiful quality of your work... I will be ordering from you again VERY SOON! My sincere thanks -- not only for the supremely beautiful and quality work but for the fast, courteous and safe treatment of my purchase.  I am delighted (as it sits next to me here at the computer), and I will definitely be back for more.  You are both a treasure...Bless you both -- keep up the great work!!" - Cathy H. from Washington, DC
"I received my peppermill on the 12th. My HUSBAND wouldn't even let me open the box until the 14th. Talk about anticipation!!!  I've only waited what 9 months for this. Anyway it was so worth the wait. Exceptional beauty,  the workmanship was even more than I hoped for.  My BlackJack Peppermill truly is a work of art.  You really came through for me.  I knew it was going to be really good but it took my breath away. I will be ordering a salt shaker in the future, count on that!  Thanks for all the e-mails also, it REALLY meant a lot."
- Melissa from Massachusetts
 "The first time I saw our BlackJack set was when my wife, Laura, opened the box on Valentine's Day. We were both extremely impressed and pleased with the quality of the work and the look. They truly are beautiful. They have become instant heirloom objects for our family. Excellent Job! Thank you," - Ronald from Minnesota
"I received my Bloodwood BlackJack Pepper mill.on Saturday, I love it. I am so glad you let me change to the bloodwood one.  I really like the contrasting colors. Thank you for being so accommodating. It is beautiful.  I am very impressed with your professionalism throughout this process. You clearly take great pride in your work and deliver a top quality product. Sincerely," - Renee from Arkansas
"I just got the Bloodwood BlackJack Pepper mill, WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the most beautiful mill I have ever seen !!!! I almost don't want to use it. I think it is a work of art and it smells nice too. I think I want to display it on my mantle for my friends to see, in fact I am not going to use it right away because it is sooo nice. I am going to recommend your mills to everyone I know !!!!!!!! I may even get another one, who knows.............again I LOVE it keep me up to date on any new mills you might produce." - Monty from New York
"My best friend bought this exquisite Blackjack Pepper mill for me for my birthday!  I absolutely adore it.  It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.  I have been going to your web site drooling for weeks, wishing I could afford to buy one!  What a special friend I have!  I will use it every day and put it in a special place in my kitchen for all to see. Thank you for your special talent." - Nancy from Florida  
"My BlackJack Set is amazing, I happened to open them in the front office at school everyone was so impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of the peppermills. I had so many people (staff and parents) ask me where I got them. I would imagine you will be getting some calls soon. Sincerely," - Stacy from North Carolina
"Just a quick note to let you know I received the beautiful BlackJack Peppermill!!  It was so great to open the package and to set the peppermill out on my counter. I Love It!! Very Beautiful!! So marvelously crafted!  I have been looking at it a lot, admiring it. You are right, the wood colors are so beautiful together. Many, many subtle details of beauty. I will tell my friends about you! Thank you, thank you!!"- Lisa from Illinois
"Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful BlackJack Salt and Peppermill Set for my new husband. He absolutely loves them and the idea of our friends and family - and someday children - using them for many years to come. Chris and I truly treasure the quiet breakfasts and dinners we get to spend together and these lovely salt and pepper mills on the table will remind us that mealtimes are about feeding the body and the soul."
- Chris and Kristy, from California
" WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My BlackJack Peppermill set is worth every penny, I was a little hesitant in spending that kind of money for salt and pepper shakers, but wow! Well done! Your pictures on the web do not do justice to the finished work. You can not see the sleek finish."  - Marie from Connecticut
"I received the BlackJack peppermill yesterday. It really looks great!  Thanks for your good work. My mom will surely love it! - Leonard from Texas
"The BlackJack Peppermill arrived safely!  I can't tell you how excited I was to have it here in time for Christmas!  If you ever need a reference I would do it in a heartbeat! When I unwrapped it, both my husband and I just kind of sighed.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I put it on something black to see how great it will look on her black countertop. I can't thank you enough. This is probably the best gift I have ever given her!  You did everything you said you would....kept me updated so that I wouldn't totally freak out as the 25th got closer, you made the most beautiful peppermill that I have ever seen, and you got it here in time. I know of one site that I will recommend to anyone who is interested. Thank you so much for all of the effort that you put into this.  Sincerely yours" - Lea from New York
"I received the Blackjack set today.  I am sure she is really going to like the set.  I am tempted to keep it for myself, but won't.  If I ever decide to buy myself another set, the Blackjack set would be a definite possibility." - Rhonda from Illinois
"Well, history repeats itself.  My Beautiful Baby BlackJack arrived at my office, and is every bit as beautiful as its big brother.  Thank you so much for an outstanding artistic achievement.  I continue to marvel at how wonderfully these works of art (and I DO mean works of art) are created.  You are both true artisans, and I thank you with big hugs.  Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving and Holiday Season -- I know you will be busy, but I can see it's a labor of love!! Warm good wishes always," - Cathy from Washington DC
Exceptional Quality Peppermills similar to Sara Moulton's pepper mill, inspired by Pinky Martin. Let us
Dazzle You with our tall and colorful exotic wood designer peppermills! Inspired by Pinky Martin's
Fabulous Peppermills, seen on Sara Moulton Cooking Live and Sara's Secrets, or the Oprah Winfrey Show.
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designer peppermills! Many people are enjoying ours as an alternative. Buy with confidence, read what
our customers have said. Inspired by Pinky Martin's Fabulous Peppermills, seen on Sara Moulton Cooking
Live and Sara's Secrets, or the Oprah Winfrey Show, ours are uniquely exquisite and unusually beautiful,
adding just the right touch of spice and a splash of color to your kitchen decor. Order today and join in the
fun of "Peppermill Mania." Designed by a former Home Depot kitchen designer, familiar with several all
types of countertops and kitchen cabinet brands like Mills Pride, Kraftmaid, American Woodmark, Shrock,
Thomasville, granite countertops, refacing, remodeling kitchen. Look for our latest creation in Pepper mill
Art!  You won't believe how absolutely beautiful they are! See our 128 piece Segmented Pepper Mil,  
segmented exotic wood peppermill. Order today and join in the fun of "Peppermill Mania." "Pepper Mill  
Mania" is sweeping the country! Order from Our more than 40 Exotic Wood Species include # 1 Bocote, #2
 Canary Wood, #3 Chechen, Chechem, #4 Cherry, #5 Cocobolo, #6 Corian, #7 Dymondwood, Colorwood,
#8 Hickory, #9 Imbuia, Imbuya, #10 Kingwood, #11 Lacewood, #12 Mahogany, #13 Maple, #14 Myrtle,
#15 Osage, #16 Paduak, #17 Purpleheart, #18 Red Bloodwood, #19 Rosewood, #20 Teak, #21
Tulipwood, #22 Walnut, #23 Yellowheart, #24 Zebrawood, #25 Ziricote, #26 Macasar Ebony, #27 Jatoba,
Brazilian Cherry, #28 African Blackwood, #29 Goncalo Alves, #30  Quilted Maple, #31
 Birdseye Maple, #32 Olivewood, #33 Hondurous Rosewood, #34 Redheart, #35  Sapele, #36 Wenge,  
Panga Panga, #37 Satinewood, Satinwood, #38 Black Limba, #39 Chakte Viga, #40 Figured Walnut, #41  
Pink Ivory, #42 Granadilo, #43 Chakte Kok.  Sarah Moultons pepper mill, Sara Moulton peppermill, Sarah
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pinky martin, Pinky Martin, pinky martin, pinkie martin, pinkie martin, martin pinkee pinkie martin, martin


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