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These are just some of the many wonderful things written by our happy customers.
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"I Just received my Taj Mahal peppermill today. The peppermill is absolutely beautiful. It is superbly balanced, polished, turned, layered. The pictures on the web site do not do this justice. I love the weight and size. From my hardwood pen days, I can only appreciate the hours you put into this and I found ebony a little difficult to use with pens. I've turned every kind of material and can really appreciate this. My wife and I want another one. We are looking for one with bright colors, especially if you could incorporate the orangy paduk.  Again, thank you. It's really something." - Donald from New Jersey
"The Taj Mahal and Maui Pepper Mills came this past Friday, they are beautiful. Thank You!" - Kenny from New York
"Wow and Double Wow you guys.  What a spectacular creation!  You both make a
great team.   Thanks Robyn for paying attention to even the smallest desire of a
customer and thanks Ron for making it all come to life.  I am in awe of the seamless
margins in the transitions of woods.  I keep staring at it with such admiration, that I
forget that I can actually use it!!!.  I truly love it.   Instead of people coming over to see
my new house, they are arriving to see the new peppermill!!!  I can't wait to get the rest
 of my granite put in, as soon as that is completed I will send pictures.  By the way,
the colors in the peppermill are absolutely perfect.  And, I mean perfect.  All three of
the woods in the peppermill are in the granite, what a match, thanks for your guidance
in that department we couldn't have done any better.  I wish the best for you both on
this endeavor you have such a talent.  Be proud that you can and are sharing it with
the rest of us.  Thanks a million for my
 "Ebony Princess in the Taj Mahal".  Sincerely" - Tiffany from Michigan
"We received the Lord Greystoke Pepper Mill today - it is absolutely beautiful.  I know my husband will be jealous because this is a gift for his sister.  I am sure we will be ordering our own in the near future!  Thanks again." - Troylyn from Washington
"We received our Lord & Lady Greystoke Salt and Pepper Mills today and I felt compelled to write about a concern I now have.  Our home is approximately 5 years old and we actually did a significant kitchen renovation a little over two years ago.  I am concerned that my wife is now going to want me to do a total kitchen remodel so our kitchen matches the beauty and quality of the mills we received today.  This could mean a lot of work for me. All kidding aside, pictures do not do them justice.  They truly are a work of art.  Thank you for the fine craftsmanship and equally important, the great customer service through out the process.Best regards," - Charlie and Anne from Pennsylvania
"We received our beautiful Ebony Princess peppermill yesterday.  It is absolutely beautifully handcrafted.  What true artisans you are.  We are very pleased with it and it has taken center stage in our kitchen.  We talked about the fact that it is an heirloom piece and we decided we better get the matching salt shaker for our beautiful peppermill so each of the boys will get to have something really special. Thank you again for such quality work, you don't always get that these days.  We will have it always in our family and I love the choice of the Purpleheart.  It is truly a spectacular piece."
 - Sincerely, Kimberly & Don, from Indiana
"Robyn, I just received my Ebony Princess Peppermill and it is gorgeous!  What do you think about doing a salt shaker the same?" - Mary Keelan from Arizona
"The Ebony Princess is Tres magnificent!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU ! THANK YOU!!!!!!!  Your efforts are appreciated… it will reside in Ravello, Italy…Perched high above the Mediterranean with incredible panoramic views of the amalfi coast…. . To be cradled within the able hands of a most wonderful cook!!!!!  Best Regards" - Maryann from Pennsylvania
"We received our Ebony Princess Peppermill Set today and were so very excited to open the box! The set is very elegant and they look beautiful in our kitchen. They seem almost like glass and we hope we won't be afraid to use them. We are sure that they will be the topic of conversation. It was fun working with both of you and an experience we will never forget. Perhaps one day we will do phase 2." - Mike & Midge from Michigan
"Got my Ebony Princess Peppermill yesterday. It is beautiful! Next step is working together to develop our "relationship."   I'll let you know how the "bonding" goes.  I am thinking about the salt cellar to match.
Thanks for great service and a gorgeous product." - Esther from New Jersey
"Well they are spectacular. The Ebony Princess looks fantastic with my granite and the whole kitchen. The Lord Greystoke also looks good with my granite as well, in case any one ever asks your opinion they both look great with Giallo Vincenza. I plan on giving my friend hers on Friday so I will get to see it with the Napoli granite as well. I will let you know how it looks. Thank you so much for your help in picking out the peppermills and for always keeping me updated on their progress. They are truly works of art and I will be showing mine off on Sunday for Mothers dinner. You were wonderful to work with and I will recommend You to all my friends! I wish that I had a fraction of the talent that you both have, its really a gift to be able to share your talent with so many people! Thanks again and best regards," - Rose from New Jersey
"I just unwrapped the 10 peppermills and the wood, colors and finish on ALL are absolutely beautiful.  The Web site does not do them justice.  I can hardly wait until the recipients receive their gifts - they will be thrilled. Your hard work and dedication to your craft are appreciated more than words can express. Thank you again in making first class, high quality peppermills.  I love them all! Best regards." - Kay from California
"Robyn!! I am so excited about receiving my Kilimanjaro TM Pepper Mill this
afternoon!!  It is truly a work of art just like my Pinky Pepper Mill!!  The colors of the
wood and the finish on the mill is perfect!!  The two mills are IDENTICAL in the sense
of quality and beauty. I want my husbands opinion as to which mill was more difficult
to make and my guess is yours... LOL......I don't know if I can part with it now that I
have it in my possession!!  You did a very professional job in the packaging and I really
 like the added touch of including the peppercorns. It has been a real pleasure in
 - Roberta from California
"The Kilimanjaro Peppermill was a huge hit! It was just as beautiful as you promised. Thanks for the great service and attention along the way. We look forward to using it for many years to come, Regards," -
Andrew and Ashlee, from New York City
"Unfortunately I am still in China and have not yet seen the Kilimanjaro Pepper Mill for myself, but my girlfriends family in Mexico love it and I think I will have a hard time getting it back to England!!!! Watch this space there maybe another order coming!! Regards," - Tony from Texas
"We received the Coordinated Kilimanjaro Saltmill and it is a great compliment to the Peppermill...thanks" - Froschauer, Joe from NJ
"I received my Kilimanjaro Peppermill and it is beautiful, so much more interesting
than a plain pepper mill. It is very decorative and looks great sitting on my counter."
- Sharon from Minnesota
"Just wanted to let you know I received my Queen of Hearts Peppermill Christmas
Present today and it is absolutely GORGEOUS!  The picture while excellent  doesn't
even do it justice.  I have been trying to acquire one of these peppermills since seeing
a similar one used by TV cooking celebrity, Sara Moultan. ( I understand the maker of
her peppermill, Pinkie, is no longer taking orders.) Not only is it beautiful but I am also
very impressed with the mechanism, especially after using a pitiful model for several
years. Thank you for your talent and the service!" - Donna from Germantown, TN
"I wanted to let you know the Queen of Hearts Peppermill arrived yesterday. It is just gorgeous! Thanks so much and I look forward to ordering more in the future."
- Sue from Connecticut
"I received my Queen of Hearts Peppermill yesterday and it is more than I ever expected, what a wonderful treasure .....thank you so much for making this for me.   I have already used it and it works perfectly! Thanks again!!! - Caryn from California
"I received the Saturn's Rings Peppermill yesterday. Wow, it is just beautiful! The artistry and craftsmanship is truly spectacular. Thank you for designing this work of art for David and I - I can't wait to show it to him. It will have a special place in our future home together. It has been a pleasure working with you. Your kindness and professionalism has made this a perfect experience from start to finish! Kind regards", - Beverly from California
"My Saturn's Rings Set arrived in good condition.Oh my, but they are beautiful! I didn't peek, so I got the full impact.  I must say you are really artists.  I just love them. I can hardly wait to use them.  You made a wonderful selection of colors. They fit right into my kitchen.  Thank you for doing such a good job! Sincerely" - Phyllis from California
"What a feeling of satisfaction you must get from creating such gorgeous pepper mills
and making your customers so happy! My "Saturn's Rings" arrived safely yesterday,
and be assured, pictures just don't do it justice. It's a knockout! This is the second
pepper mill I have ordered from you, thanks to your excellent craftsmanship, and
friendly customer service. It was a pleasure doing business with you again!
- Cathy from Tennesee
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