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These are just some of the many wonderful things written by our happy customers. These are actually the overflow of comments, go to the Enlargement Design Pages to read the most recent comments. They are grouped by design, so look for comments on the one you like. You can see what they purchased by clicking on the blue underlined text.
Let us know you came by and what you think of our site.

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"I am speechless. We got our King Cocobolo Peppermill and I have never seen such a beautiful wood peppermill in my life. I am so very pleased with the wood and the colors are beautiful. It is more than I imagined. My husband said it was to nice to use. We both can't wait until the salt shaker comes. The love and attention really shows in this peppermill. Thank you again." - June from Pennsylvania
" I wanted you to know that my "Queen Cocobolo salt shaker" arrived today safe and sound.  I love it.  It's so nice that the wood is very similar to my King Cocobolo Pepper Mill. The matching salt and pepper are sitting on my dining room table. Thanks again for the beautiful addition to our dining area." - June from Pennsylvania
"THANK YOU SO MUCH for our absolutely magnificent 14" Cocobolo PepperMills!!!  They are even nicer than our expectations!  We are so delighted to have them and thank you for such lovely workmanship AND wood.  We will enjoy them for MANY years to come!!!" - Jack & Betsey from Westminster, MD
"Thank you for the speedy response and shipment of the Cocobola Peppermill that I
 ordered for my Father for Father's Day!  I think it is beautiful and I can't wait to see
what he says!  He has a thing for Peppermills and I hope he likes it as much as I think
 he will. Thanks again." - Samantha from North Carolina
"MY King Cocobolo Peppermill arrived yesterday in good shape. The picture in the customer viewing  page doesn't do it justice compared to what it looks like in real life. It's an exquisite piece of art. The design is precisely what I was looking for. Not to be to bold but as a suggestion, You might want to think about putting a picture of the design you created for me in your pepper mill gallery. There could be more people like me out there that are interested in that design. Again what a beautiful mill. It's very possible that I may want to give my mill a partner. What's a pepper mill without a salt mill? Will let you know in very near future! Thank You."
- Lloyd from Florida
"I received my Cocobolo saltmill today, it arrived in pristine condition. As was the case in seeing my peppermill in the customer viewing page, seeing my saltmill there doesn't do it the justice as seeing it in person. The brilliance of the color of wood and beauty of the grains running in the direction on a slight angle is astounding. It looks excellent next to my peppermill each one complementing the other. As each one was crafted at different times they both have their own personality. I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome. Thank You ! " - Lloyd  from Florida
"I got my Cocobolo Pepper Mill today, and it is sooooooooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL. You really can't see how beautiful it is in a picture. Thank you so much!
- Joyce from Virginia
"We got our Queen Cocobolo salt shaker, it is just as beautiful as our King Cocobolo Peppermill. We got it yesterday, and wanted you to know we got it, and how beautiful it is. It matches our peppermill to a "T". Thank you so much!" - Joyce & Tim from Virginia
"We received our 10" King Cobolo peppermill and 8" saltmill today. They are absolutely beautiful and match everything in our home. We named our 8" saltmill " Queen Cobolo". You will hear from us again soon." - Mike from Texas
"Sorry it took so long to get back with you about the "Still Changing Hearts
Peppermill".  Would you believe I just put the peppercorns in my mill last night.  It
works great.  It is so beautiful I am almost afraid to use it.  It is displayed on my
baker's rack. Thanks again!" - Matthew from Florida
"I am absolutely thrilled with the new "Spinning Hearts Peppermill". Its shine and color and smooth surface is beautiful.  My wife will be wildly happy for Christmas! Its nice to have personal service in a time when everything is automated business. Hope you have continued great success with your products, and a great holiday season! Thanks."
-  Stuart from California
"I got my Sherpa Peppermill today and I LOVE it! We will do business again after the new year, keep my info on file, I love it. Thanks again for everything. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. - Samuel C., from California  
"We received the Sherpa Peppermill last week, and even though his birthday was 2 weeks away, I couldn't wait to give it to my husband.  He absolutely loves it!  We have just moved to NYC, and when visitors come by, the first thing he shows them is the peppermill! Thank you so much for your excellent workmanship and customer service!"
- Rosanna from New York
"My Aztec Totem Peppermill arrived today Thursday, May 15, 2003. Thank you for
sending it so swiftly. Words cannot describe the beauty of the Aztec Totem pepper
mill ! I will be purchasing more pepper mills as gifts and for myself to collect. The
pepper mill works great, it arrived this morning, and I put it to use right away in
preparing lunch. Thank you so much."
- Rosa from Michigan
"I received my Bloody Mary Peppermill for Mothers Day. I was totally awestruck by
the breathtakingly beautiful design and luxurious feel of my Peppermill. It makes me
feel good all over every time I use it, and I use it every day. It looks spectacular on my
cherry table and equally so with my Cherry cabinets. I really feel honored to be the
recipient of such a lovely work of art. It will be a highly prized possession, I am sure.
Thank you for your loving attention to every detail." - Jackie from Georgia
"I had run across your site previously in my neverending quest to steal wood pictures
from all over the internet, and was absolutely blown away by the quality of the
workmanship and the fine sense of style in the laminated peppermills.  I don't know if
you noticed or not, but there's a section on my site where I show laminated bowls that
I make.  I don't have the planning or quality that obviously go into Ron's stuff, but I
certainly have an experienced appreciation for the process he goes through. Anyway
tell Ron that I greatly admire his work." - Paul (HobbitHouse)
"We enjoyed meeting the three of you yesterday.  We had a long drive 180 miles or so
 but a very nice day. Your peppermills are just as good and pretty as any that Pinky
makes. If you could get on TV, you would probably get just as many orders!"
- Richard & Nell from Georgia
"I am truly impressed by the mills you and your husband Ron have created. I think
they are creations of great natural beauty." - Jack from Queensland, Australia.
"Great site and I will definitely send people your way when they are looking for your
types of products..." - Jason L. from Georgia
"Your "BlackJack" Pepper Mill is definitely a "looker". - John from Georgia
"Your Pepper Mills are beautiful.  The designs you have created are very well
coordinated." - Neil from Minnesota
"Hi, Nice work! If you ever decide to add a links page to your site, I would be glad to
exchange links with you. It has worked real good for me.
Best Regards," - Donald R. from Florida
Exceptional Gourmet Quality Designer Wood Pepper mills, grinders and salt and pepper shakers similar to Sara Moulton's pepper mill. Inspired by Pinky's Pepper mills. Let us dazzle You with our tall and colorful exotic wood designer peppermills, salt mills, grinders and shakers! Inspired by Pinkys Famous Peppermills, as seen on Sara Moulton Cooking Live and Sara's Secrets, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Our grinders, salt mills, salt shakers and pepper mills are uniquely exquisite and unusually beautiful, adding just the right touch of spice and a splash of color to your kitchen decor. Our passion is to create colorful contrasts with wood. The functional pepper mill is our canvas, for a creative artistic sculpture. handmade pepper mills, unique pepper mills, handcrafted pepper mills, hand crafted pepper mills, accent pepper mills, hand made pepper mills, cool pepper mills, exotic pepper mill, kitchen aid, salt and pepper mill set, salt pepper mills, salt shaker, salt shakers, salt pepper, pepper salt. Paypal Online Order Salt and Pepper Shakers Online today. Handcrafted wood pepper mill collection. Join the fun of "Peppermill Mania." Designed by a female Kitchen Cabinet Designer. Robyn is a former Home Depot Kitchen Designer, familiar with most brands of kitchen cabinets and countertops, like Mills Pride, Kraftmaid, American Woodmark, Masterbrand, Aristokraft, Merillat, Riviera, Omega, Medallion, Wellborn, Ultracraft, Homecrest, Mouser, Shrock, Thomasville, granite countertops, corian, solid surface and laminate countertops, cabinet refacing, and remodeling of kitchens. Look for our latest creation in Pepper mill Art! Dinning and kitchen accessories, tools and gadgets. Robyn is a former Home Depot kitchen designer, graphic artist and a painter. Home decorating, kitchenware and housewares specialist. Cookware and cooking demonstrator, and a food stylist. Do it yourself, home repair, handy tools and gadgets. Furniture refinishing and refurbishing. Experienced kitchenware dealer. Bathroom designer, Look for our latest creation in Collectible Wooden Pepper mill, salt mill or grinder and shaker Art sculpture! Famous TV Chefs we enjoy watching include Alton Brown, Anthony Bourdain, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse, Jacques Pepin, Jacques Torres, James Beard, Jamie Oliver, Julia Child, Mario Batali, Martha Stewart, Martin Yan, Ming Tsai, Nigella Lawson, Paul Prudhomme, Rocco Dispirito, Sara Moulton, Tyler Florence, Wolfgang Puck, Paula Dean. Shows on Foodtv.com and Foodnetwork.com we watch Sara's Secrets, Cooking Live, 30 Minute Meals, How to boil water, Emeril Live, A Cook's Tour, Barefoot Contessa, Cooking Thin, East Meets West, Easy Entertaining, Emeril Live, Essence of Emeril, Food 911, Food Finds, FoodNation, Good Eats, Hot off the Grill, Iron Chef, Keith Famie's Adventures, Ming's Quest, Molto Mario, Naked Chef, Oliver's Twist, Passion for Chocolate with Jacques, Paula’s Home Cooking, Sara's Secrets, Semi-Homemade Cooking, Sweet Dreams, Two Fat Ladies, Unwrapped, Wolfgang Puck, $40 a Day. We have been recognized by Foodtv.com as one alternative to Pinky's Pepper mills. Foodnetwork.com has recommended our website as the alternative to Pinky's Peppermills. Our customers include passionate collectors and even some celebrities, Corporate Executives, CEO's, Company Presidents, Chamber of Commerce, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Photography Artists and Music Professionals and performers, Software Executives and Movie Producers. See how stunning and absolutely beautiful our laminated, multicolor, multilayer peppermills are. One is made of 128 pieces of wood, a Segmented Pepper mill, made of segments of exotic wood. Has a peppermill mechanism, grinder mechanism, salt mill mechanism or as a saltshaker or salt shaker. Made to Order today, join in the fun of "Pepper-Passion". "Pepper Mill Mania" sweeping the country! If you've seen Sara Moulton's pepper mill, see how ours are inspired by the ones made for her by Pinky Martin. Pinky's Pepper mills are the inspiration for our colorful tall exotic wood designer peppermills, salt mills, and salt shakers! Pinky's are no longer available to purchase. Many are now enjoying ours as an alternative. Buy with confidence, read what our customers have said. View ones made for our customers. Collectible salt and pepper shakers. Collectable salt grinders & pepper shakers. Salt mills, Salt shakers, grinders and pepper mills by Ron & Robyn McKinney. Lifetime Warranty on mechanism and peppermill. Buy online Shopping for the Very Best Pepper mills, grinders, Salt mills, saltshakers, salt and pepper shakers and peppermills available to buy only online by Ron McKinney. Exotic Wood Peppermills by Robyn McKinney and Ron McKinney. Inspired by Pinky's Pepper mills, as seen on Sara Moulton Cooking Live and Sara's Secrets, and the Oprah Winfrey Show. Uniquely exquisite and unusually beautiful, adding just the right touch of spice and a splash of color to your kitchen decor. Join in the fun of "Peppermill Mania." Our Classic Elegant Custom Shape Custom Designed by a woman for women. Design that fits a man's hand comfortably as well. Be both amazed and thrilled by how absolutely beautiful a Pepper mill can be. Exotic wooden peppermill and grinder art, complete your home decorating project. We know that to be a truly perfect gift or collection piece, our Pepper Mills must be exacting in every detail. Our passion is creating peppermill designs in which the woods natural luster and rich grain are blended to create strikingly beautiful contrasts. Order Today and join in the fun of "Peppermill Mania." Get the Passion for Pepper Mill Collecting. Pepper-Passion sweeping the country! Like Sarah Moultens pepper mill. Very similar to Sara Moulton's peppermill and inspired by Sarah Moultans peppermill, Exotic Wood Pepper Mill, salt mill, shaker or grinder. famous original colorful tall wooden peppermill, laminated wooden peppermill, saltshaker, salt shaker, pepper shaker, peppershaker, peppermill and grinder gifts, peppermill collecting, one-of-a-kind multicolor peppermill, handcrafted peppermill, exotic wood peppermilll. Pepper milll, original multilayer pepper mill, laminated pepper mill, pepper mill gifts, pepper mill collecting, one-of-a-kind pepper mill, handcrafted wood pepper mill, exotic wood pepper mill, wooden peppermilll, original peppermill, laminated wood peppermill, designer peppermill gifts. Recipe Gourmet Recipes for ground spices coming. Chocolate, steaks, romantic meals, appetizers, romance, pepper mill flare. Great for peppermill collecting, a housewarming gift, the most colorful laminated wood pepper mill, unusual wood pepper mill gifts, designer exotic wood pepper mill collecting, unique wood pepper mill, designer handcrafted designer exotic wood pepper mill, exotic wood peppermill. Colorful peppermilll, original wood pepper mill, laminated wood pepper mill. Wooden pepper mill collectible gifts pepper mill collecting, oneofakind pepper mill, designer handcrafted wood pepper mill, collectible pepper milll, original peppermill, laminated peppermill, collectible peppermill gifts. For peppermill collecting, oneofakind peppermill collectable, collectible handcrafted peppermill, exotic wood peppermill, designer wood peppermilll, original wooden peppermill, exotic wood laminated peppermill, exceptional wooden peppermill gifts. Ideal wood heirloom peppermill collecting, peppermill collectible, handcrafted peppermill, exotic wood peppermill, peppermilll, original pepper mill, laminated wood pepper mill, exceptional pepper mill gifts, wood pepper mill collecting. Pinky Martin, pinkie pepper mill, pinkee pepper mill. Inspired by Pinky Martin Peppermills Sarah Moulton's pepper mill, Sarah's pepper mill, Sarah Moultons peppermill. Exotic Wood Pepper Mill inspired by Pinky Martin, The pinky pepper mill seen on Cooking Live and Oprah is our inspiration. Pinky's Pepper Mills inspired. Designed similar to pinkys peppermill, inspired by pinkie martin, made like pinky's peppermills. A Pepper-Passion, each Order is shipped with selection of Flavorbank peppercorns, Muntok White, Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, Malabar Black Peppercorns, Whole Garlic Pepper, Pepper Royale, Coarse Sea Salt, or Kosher salt, from Southwestern Coast of Indian, Brazil, Madagascar, Indonesia, and Bangka, Indonesia. We ship FLAVORBANK Gourmet Peppercorns with our Peppermills. The Finest Spice Peppers available from India, Brazil, Madagascar, and Indonesia. Please select from favorites: Tellicherry Black Pepper - Recognized as the finest quality pepper in the world. Tellicherry peppercorns are the largest and most aromatic of the peppers. Prized by gourmets for the superior bouquet and rich flavor. Perfect for any dish, especially recommended for beef. Pepper Royale - A melange of the worlds most exceptional peppercorns (Lampong Black, Muntok White, Brazilian Green and Madagascarian Pink peppercorns). Blended to create the aristocracy of taste. A confetti of color and flavor. Recommended for Everything! Malabar Black Pepper - Malabar pepper grown on the Malabar coast of India, and has highly aromatic full bodied flavor. Bold, rich fragrance with a hint of pine. A biting heat that builds and carries pleasantly at the back of the palate. Recommended for entrees of Pork. Whole Garlic Pepper - Lampong black and white peppercorns with chopped garlic added for that pungent flavor that is healthy and delicious, from India, Indonesia. Garlic lover's dream, recommended for all entrees, especially Italian. Wonderful on baked potatoes and for sauteing vegetables. Lampong Black Pepper - The primary black pepper from Indonesia, grown on the isle of Sumatra. Moderate heat with a woody quality. Mildly pungent and aromatic, good for entrees of veal or seafood. Exceptional Handcrafted Exotic Wood Peppermills. Fabulous Gifts and Elegant Pepper Mill Collectibles From Rare & Exotic Woods of the World. We will make Commissioned Pieces, Top of the Line, Professional Chef Top Quality Exotic Wood Pepper Mill Art Gallery, Exotic Wood Peppermill Art Gallery, hometown.aol.com/trevman2/, woodpeppermills.com/, www.ExoticWoodPeppermills.com, Ron McKinney, Robyn McKinney, Rmckin2146, Rmckin6412, designer salt and pepper mill, designer salt pepper mill, Sara's pepper mill, Sara secrets, Sara Moultan, Molten, Pinkee, wood sculpture, arts, red hot chili peppers, peppercorns, spice, herb, spicy peppers, gourmet salts, elegant, laminated woods, multicolor, colorful, colored, collectible, collectable, collector, crafts, unusual gifts, unique gifts, original gifts, rare unique and unusual, buy online shopping, shopping online, granite countertops, countertops granite, custom designed, holiday gifts, Valentines Day Gift, Father's Day Gift, Mother's Day Gift, house warming gift, Graduation, Christmas, Birthday, groomsmen, groomsman, bridesmaids, wedding anniversary, corporate awards, corporate gifts, 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Carolina, Iowa, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Ohio, Kentucky, Oregon, Washington DC, Arizona, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Idaho, Alaska, Colorado, Delaware, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Norway, Porto Rico, Singapore. World renowned, Our pepper mill art placed homes in more than 30 USA states and foreign countries. Available ship to Anguilla, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Luxembourg, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Kingdom Order online from more than 64 Exotic Wood Species including #1 Bocote, #2 Canary Wood, #3 Chechen, Chechem, #4 Cherry, #5 Cocobolo, #6 Corian, #7 Dymondwood, Colorwood, #8 Hickory, #9 Imbuia, Imbuya, #10 Kingwood, #11 Lacewood, #12 Mahogany, #13 Maple, #14 Myrtle, #15 Osage Orange, #16 Paduak, #17 Purpleheart, #18 Red Bloodwood, #19 Rosewood, #20 Teak, #21 Tulipwood, #22 Walnut, #23 Yellowheart, #24 Zebrawood, #25 Ziricote, #26 Macasar Ebony, #27 Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry, #28 African Blackwood, #29 Goncalo Alves, #30 Quilted Maple, #31 Birdseye Maple, #32 Olivewood, #33 Hondurous Rosewood, #34 Redheart, #35 Sapele, #36 Wenge, Panga Panga, #37 Satinewood, Satinwood, #38 Black Limba, #39 Chakte Viga, #40 Figured Walnut, #41 Pink Ivory, #42 Granadilo, #43 Chakte Kok, #44 Snakewood, #45 Cuban Mahogany, #46 Lignum Vitae, #47 Sirari, #48 Makore, #50 Jarah, Jarrah, #51 Iroko, #52 Curapay, #53 White Oak, #54 Cypress, #55 Peroba Rosa, #56 Red Oak, #57 Basswood, #58 Leapard wood, #59 Boire, #60 Aniger, #61 Madacascar Rosewood, #62 Jelutong, #63 Ziricote, Zircote #64 Indonesian Rosewood, #65 Black Mesquite, #66 La Pacho, #67 Argentine URL list http://woodpeppermills.com/page1.html http://woodpeppermills.com/page1.html http://hometown.aol.com/trevman2/page1.html http://hometown.aol.com/trevman2/page1.html http://www.exoticwoodpeppermills.com, exotic wood pepper mills exotic wood peppermills exotic pepper mills www.woodenpeppermills.com, wooden pepper mills wooden peppermills wooden www.designerpeppermills.com, designer pepper mills designer pepper mill designer www.woodpeppermills.com, wood pepper mills wood peppermills woods www.gourmetpeppermills.com, gourmet pepper mills gourmet peppermills gourmet www.distinctivepeppermills.com distinctive peppermills distinctive pepper mills distinctive www.gourmetpeppercorns.com gourmet peppercorns gourmet www.gourmetsaltandpepper.com Gourmet salt and pepper, salt & pepper gourmet www.saltandpepper.com, salt and pepper salt, salt pepper salts peppers


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