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We Make Exceptional Hand Crafted Pepper Mills,

Salt Mills, Salt and Pepper Grinders and Wood Salt Cellars.
Elegant Collectibles and Functional Kitchen Art Sculptures
made from Rare Exotic Woods Of The World

A GREAT GIFT IDEA! Order NOW and your Pepper Mill will be custom made!

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We Are Only Taking A Limited Number Of New Orders At This Time!
Contact us NOW to get on our Production List ! A Limited Number Will Be Able To Ship By Christmas.
We will ship as soon as possible. Thank You for Understanding!
Allow 10 - 16 Weeks for delivery at this time.
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Exciting New Designs!   We SPECIALIZE in Pepper Mills for Granite Countertops!
Unique Pepper Mills Made
to Order and Handcrafted with
the Quality of Workmanship,
worth the wait!
When time is short, Orders needed for gifts will receive our
Delivered in 2-3 Days
8" 10" & 12" Handmade to Order Wooden Pepper Mills & Shakers
See something you like? Click on any picture to see more !
Inspired by Pinky's Fabulous Gourmet Wooden Peppermills
those made famous seen on Sara Moulton Cooking Live,
Sara's Secrets, and the Oprah Winfrey Show.  
Inspired by Pinkys Pepper mills  ________________________________________   Inspired by Pinkys Peppermills
  Our Elegant Designer Salt and Pepper Mills, known world wide, are uniquely exquisite and unusually beautiful, and will add just the right touch of spice and a perfect splash of color and style to your kitchen decor !
Inspired by Pinky's Pepper mill  ________________________________________   Inspired by Pinky's Peppermill
Our Hand Made, Exotic Colored Wood Salt and Pepper Grinders & Salt Cellars will complement your Granite Countertops with magnificent class!
 Like Pinky Martin Pepper mills  ________________________________________  Like Pinky Martin's Peppermill
Order Today, these Designer Salt 'n Pepper mills will make
Your Gift extremely Distinctive and Unforgettable !

Click Here to See Our
Inspired by a most popular one made by Pinky Martin.
Like the ones Sara Moulton often displays on her show!
Go to Viewing Page to see ones we just shipped out!
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Do You Need or Want a New Pepper Mill?

Why not add a note of drama to your kitchen?

You can make a colorful and decorative statement with
 one of our exquisite gourmet pepper mills!

Do you enjoy entertaining?

One of these unique pepper mills could be the
center of attention around your tabletop.
Set your table with one of our colorful wood mills
for lively dinner party conversations!

Looking for a fabulous, exclusive, and unique gift?

Our beautiful laminated multi-color wooden pepper mills
will make an unforgettable Executive, Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday,
Valentine's, Christmas, Father's or Mother's Day gift!
New ! Buy Your Peppercorns, Sea Salts and Sweet Spices Here!

This Family Heirloom will be treasured by all generations !

The above left is Giallo Veneziano Granite,
    If you love fresh ground pepper, appreciate unique things, and are serious about food and cooking, you will enjoy a high quality handmade pepper grinder. Nothing compares to the sharp, pungent flavor and perfume of peppercorns that are freshly ground.  
The secret to a good Peppermill is the pepper mill mechanism.
We use only "Chef Specialties"
rated the very best stainless steel grinder, made in the U.S.A.
Holds your setting true, gives a generous amount of pepper with little effort and has a Lifetime Warranty !
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Sara Moultan's, Pinky's Pepper mills, seen on Oprah show, like Sarahs unique wooden Pinkys peppermill.

Shopping For Extraordinary Handcrafted Pepper Mills?

Gourmet Salts, Peppercorns, & Herb Spice Grinders?

You can Order Online with PayPal - use Major Credit Cards or Your Checking Account or Mail a Check.
Place orders in time for that special occasion!
 Photo Gift Cards Available for when time is limited!
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A Professional Kitchen Designer is available for suggestions.
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Buy With Confidence !

" I received my "BlackJack" Peppermill ...  Although I expected it to be a very nice accessory in our kitchen, I was absolutely stunned by its beauty! No doubt that instead of being just a pretty accessory, it will be a focal point and conversation piece.   Our new home has "Mahogany Blue Eyes" Granite Countertops and the "BlackJack" is a perfect complement.  Thank you so much for allowing me to share your great work with my Family and Friends." - Ted from South Carolina  
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100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Mechanism Warranty

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